What Is The Best Online Gaming Hardware Tech?

Whether its games, hardware, software, or development programmes, there are constantly new developments in the gaming world.

Technology is growing exponentially in all industries and the online gaming industry is one of the biggest – with over 1 billion gamers worldwide. These gaming technologies are always changing, with new ways to improve the gaming experience.


Laptops have been popular for many years but have always been limiting when it comes to gaming. Companies need to create devices that can perform as well as a desktop, but at a fraction of the size. However, as technology develops this is becoming more of a reality and gaming/development laptops are growing in potential.

  • Nvidia Max-Q

Nvidia is the leading graphics development company and provides some of the best products across the board. They have however not had great success with laptops, because their graphics cards needed to be smaller, but somehow as effective.

Their Max-Q technology changes the game when it comes to laptops. No longer will the size of your device be a limiting factor to its graphics potential.

The Max-Q is an all-inclusive gaming laptop that combines a thin design with all the performance benefits of a desktop.

There are, however, still some areas where it can’t compete with a good ol’ desktop, but Nvidia proves that the future of gaming technology will not be limited by the size of the device.

Mobile Gaming

Cellphones are probably one of the fastest growing technological devices in the world. Every day we are reminded of the newest advancements that are making these small devices compete with everything from laptops to desktop PCs. You can see some great reviews on gaming from Lumaarcade.

Even though they are useful, you won’t be able to throw away your desktop for a cell phone any time soon – but that might be sooner than we think.

  • Razer Phone

If you are an online gamer you will probably have heard of Razer and their appliances that are some of the best in the world.

Traditionally their products are focused on improving gaming experience through keyboards, mice, and headsets, but now they have entered a whole new industry with their brand-new Razer Phone.

This phone promises to provide gamers with a mobile device that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance – although nowhere near the capabilities of a laptop/desktop just yet.

They have already partnered with leading game designers and will be bringing titles such as Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Gear.Club, Tekken, World of Tanks Blitz, and many more.


Other than the changes to mobile gaming potential, there are always changes to the various appliances that improve our overall gaming experience. These are not always as revolutionary as other technologies but are a more reasonably priced way to upgrade your setup.

  • Wireless charging mouse pads

These are being released by a few companies including Razer and Corsair. Most gamers are not interested in wireless equipment because their batteries can die at any time.

These mouse pads change that by allowing your wireless mouse to charge while being used.

  • Oculus Touch VR Controllers

These controllers are designed for Virtual Reality systems and allow the user to have a more immersive experience. They are small and ergonomically designed.

There are many gaming technology upgrades coming in 2018 and these are some of the ones that will allow for a more immersive gaming experience. Make sure to keep researching the latest trends.

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