Putler Review: Get Payment Insights & Analytics For Your Online Business

By: marysmith

Putler is an excellent email analytics application. It enables you to monitor your company. You can discover what you need. All this will be possible with PayPal and Stripe payments within seconds at a low monthly cost. It is a big time saver.  Putler combines both in a single quantity. It is very easy to use. To report is simpler.


It offers different types of features like summary stats, targets, forecasts &  progress, multi account & currency. It has also some exclusive advantages including instant search, key performance indicator, transcriptions list, multiplatform & multi device, supper quick refund and offline access.

Pricing Plan:

Putler offers you three price plans, including Starter, Growth and Scale.

Starter Plan: $29 on monthly basis

Growth Plan: $79 on monthly basis

Scale Plan: $249 on monthly basis

USE Putler Step by Step:

Sign up and log in:

At first sign up and log in to your Putler account.

Integrate payment gateway with Putler:

Putler provide more than 15 integrations. You will learn how to configure your payment gateway in the guidelines below.

  • Click on PayPal icon

Add PayPal Gateway with Putler:

  • Insert email and password
  • Click on log in

  • Click on Grant permission

  • Skip or Accept to link with Google analytics.

  • Set time zone & email address
  • Click on Save Tab

Introducing with Putler Dashboard

The dashboard will display you:

  • Total Sales,
  • Orders,
  • Visitors,
  • Account Balance,
  • Top Products,
  • Fastest or Slowest Moving Products,
  • Subscriptions,
  • Refunds,
  • Recent Transactions, and many more

  • Upper left side Click on Home. There you find six options.

Sales, Products, Customers, Transaction, Subscription and Audience

Sales Option

  • Click on Sales option. Here you find net sales, average revenue per sale/per day and more.

Subscription Option

  • From home click on Subscription option. Here you find monthly & annually recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, churn rate and a lot more.

Customer Option:

  • From home select Customer Option. Here you find customer loyalty, new customers, returning customers and much more.

You can also check transaction, products, and audience option from home down menu bar.

Top Bar:

From top bar you can check

  • Time Range
  • Compare data from calendar


  • Click on blue smiley icon to find setting

  • After clicking Setting you will find Integrations, Preferences & Team option.

Send Money:

You can immediately send cash in any currency to a number of clients by using the send money option.


Putler is a trusted analytics and reporting software. If want to assess your business online, Putler is the best. You can use it to measure economics, different dashboards, easy subscription management and intelligent prospects in one place at a low price.

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