how to watch movies with friends

How To Watch Movies Online With Your Friends

By: marysmith

The recent phenomena hindered face to face interactions and also many other wholesome activities. Some of which are fun and memorable bonding moments with your friends over a movie night. One great benefit of the continued innovation in technology became beneficial for everyone today.

In line with this thought, your well-loved activity with your friends is also achievable online. You can even add making pop-corn and some cold drinks while enjoying this venture. How to watch movies with friends even when you are miles apart and unable to see each other face to face? Below is a list of some of the best apps found on the Web, which allow you to watch movies together with friends.

Netflix Party

Who wouldn’t know what Netflix is? Almost everyone recognizes Netflix. This Google Chrome extension is perfect for you to choose a variety of Netflix shows and movies together with your friends. One thing to note when using this extension is that everyone who wants to join needs a Netflix account. This app has a 30-day free trial, so you can easily try it out or if you know someone who is generous enough to let you borrow his or her account, and that works too.

Making this app work is pretty simple; you need to choose a movie or a show you and your friends would like or love to watch. Next, you will see the icon (NP) turning red on the extension, which you will have to click and press ‘Start the party’. You can then enjoy watching the movie with your favorite people. You can send messages with your friends while the movie is playing.


This site is another Chrome extension that will let you enjoy watching movies online with your friends. You will need to set it up using a link or a file. Using this Chrome extension is super easy, and you do not need to create a new account to access it. All you need is a temporary nickname.

A host is a must to begin the online watching. The host can then set the room to the public if you wish other people to join your movie watching. The host can also choose to make it private and be able to control who can gain access to the room and join in. In this app, you will see a tiny screen on your left and a chatbox on your right, allowing you and your friends to chat as the movie rolls on.

Meta Stream

This app is downloadable on your desktop, but you can also opt to watch using your browser. Whichever preference you may have, the Meta stream is an ideal tool that enables you to enjoy one of your favorite past times.

Like the other apps, the Meta stream also allows you to chat with your friends while the film is ongoing. Yet, unlike the others, the Meta stream also allows you to multitask. You can even play a game or do your work while streaming for the screen minimizes to a smaller screen.

Additionally, you will also need a host to begin. You can watch several videos to your liking. You can also watch videos from other streaming apps, for it supports those apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Twitch, and Crunchyroll. This extension is available for download in Google Chrome and Firefox.


Well, who said that movie night is only for friends? This site is ideal for couples who would like to share a movie night despite the distance. It can also be for friends. However, this online app only allows two people to join movie streaming. So, you can either use this together with your best friend or your special someone.

how to watch movies with friends

Gaze allows you to stream YouTube videos and also local files on hand. But for the files on hand, you must take note that the two of you both have copies of the same file. This site is perfect for a romantic date night, or just a simple movie night you wish to share with a friend or your special someone.


This app is perfect for watching movies online through it only streams Netflix movies and shows as of this date. Additionally, this app allows you to have up to twenty participants. You will only need to install the Chrome extension, then have the app running and create an account right after. Also, for the participants to have access, they will have to do the installation. Then, the host can send the link or code to those who wish to join.Another great thing about this app is that you can not only chat but do video chat with your friends as the movie plays on your screen.

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