2022 Trello Cost Asana Cost

2022 Trello Cost Asana Cost

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Trello is a project management software that was initially created in 2011 and it integrates a system to regulate project management. It has automation options, many power-ups, integrations, and templates to simplify project management. Asana software was established in 2012 and it organizes remote workspace through the timeline, boards, reporting, goals, and various others. This will be a brief comparison of Trello cost Asana cost in the light of functions provided by each.

Trello Software

Through the Trello project management system users can create boards, lists, and cards to streamline all the information related to projects. Trello’s built-in automation system called Butler provides no-code automation so members can focus on important tasks. Power-Ups let you integrate some of the best tools to generate higher levels of productivity such as Slack, Confluence, Evernote, and Google Drive.

Trello Cost

Trello divides its cost into four plans:

1. Free

This plan is suitable for individuals or small teams whose aim is project organization. Features such as unlimited cards, 10 boards in each workspace, and unlimited power-ups can be utilized to streamline various tasks. Moreover, this plan supports unlimited data storage with a size limit of 10MB per file.

Users are accommodated with the opportunity to run 250 workspace command runs every month. To provide a wider range of customization options, Trello cost integrates custom backgrounds and stickers that can be helpful in organizing visually.

2. Standard

The standard Trello plan is charged $5 and it includes all the benefits of the Free plan. The standard plan is further platformed with the ability to create unlimited boards, custom fields, advanced checklists, and single-board guests.

Users can run up to 1,000 workspace commands throughout the month. Just like the free payment option, users receive unlimited data storage but it can accommodate files of up to 250Mb.

3. Premium

The premium plan is a fitting choice for teams with up to 100 members. It costs $10 and includes all the features of the standard plan and several more. For example, it offers a dashboard view, timeline view, workspace table view, map view, and calendar view. All of these can be optimized as visual tools for project management.

It can further be used to create unlimited workspace commands. Other added benefits of the premium plan include admin and security features for users, collections, observers, and priority support.

4. Enterprise

The pricing of the enterprise plan starts from $17 but it reduces based on the number of users. This payment option offers organization-wide permissions to ensure that the right people are in control of important documents and data. Public board management and multi-board guests increase the ability to foster a dynamic work culture through a remote workspace.

Trello Demo

Before you get started, you can learn more about the software through the Trello demo featured on the website that provides a 2-minute introduction.

Asana Software

Asana’s list of features provides powerful tools to manage individual as well as team projects. Forms let you maintain all the task requests, the timeline is assisted with the Gantt chart, whereas boards can be managed through Kanban. Asana ensures that you are able to switch between different boards to view all types of information without having to move away from the software.

It creates a centralized management system since users can also set goals for each project and garner support from reports with insight about the success of projects.

Asana Cost

Asana prices inculcate three options:

1. Basic

This free-of-cost plan can be used as a way to get introductory skills for using Asana. It is equally useful for smaller teams and individuals with functions such as unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and unlimited messages. The unlimited file storage gives users the opportunity to create a knowledge pool but the file size is limited to 100MB. It can further be utilized to collaborate with up to 15 team members.

The free plan can further be used for assigning tasks to relevant members of the team as well as set due dates for tasks to manage deadlines. Project management is further supported with project briefing and overview.

2. Premium

The cost of the premium Asana payment option is around $10 and its range of features is quite helpful when it comes to tracking teamwork. For instance, timeline and workflow builder provide an elaborate visual system to manage and complete tasks. It is easy to keep track of all the projects with the help of reporting that is maintained across all the projects.

You can create custom fields to manage project information with text or number fields. Unlimited free guests can be permitted access to view files. Asana’s premium plan further facilitates management with forms, rules, task dates, milestones, and an admin console.

3. Business

The business plan by Asana costs $24 and consists of functions that provide support to large-scale businesses. It can be used to maintain project portfolios, goals, and workload. The custom rules builder lets you control the way work is performed. Users can manage approvals and proofing of projects too.

The business plan also accommodates integrations with many advanced integrations such as Power BI, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Salesforce.

Asana can also be used to upscale to the enterprise level with its robust infrastructure, audit log API, and Splunk to ensure security. It further accommodates 99.9% uptime and premium support to enterprise users. The sales team can be contacted to generate a quote since the prices are not provided on the website.

Asana Demo

You can also experience Asana in action through a demo. You can fill in the form provided on the website to access the Asana demo.

The Trello cost Asana costs are both able to accommodate teams of different sizes and provide supportive platforms to enterprises around the globe. The overall Trello reviews suggest that it is a dependable program for users who want to reduce clutter associated with project management. Similarly, Asana is a reliable software that takes care of tedious details on your behalf.

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