Top Tips To Help You Land The Best Second-Hand Car

Top Tips To Help You Land The Best Second-Hand Car

By: marysmith

You have decided to go for a second-hand car and are on the market for one? The good news is there are lots of online platforms to buy and sell cars Philippines. But the bad news is, the sheer number of choices might be overwhelming.

So to help you land a second-hand vehicle at the best condition possible without paying too much for it, here are some tips to get started:

Know Your Options

Before getting in contact with sellers, ensure that you have a particular model in mind and its price range on the market. If you know someone who has found a good second-hand car, ask them for pointers and leads.

Another option to gather more information is to go on forums and ask questions. A useful tip is to find the ones for the specific model and make you have in mind.

To have an idea about the price range, visit platforms and sites for used car listings to see the lowest and highest price for the car you want.

Visit a site for used car listings and take note of the price range

Compare Prices

As you browse sites for used cars, make a price comparison chart. Pay attention to the ones with the lowest prices to see why they come so cheap. Two of the most common reasons for the low price are high mileage and older year models.

If you are thinking of applying for a loan, the first thing to do is to find out how much you will have to pay for the interest. Many car-selling sites have this feature on-site for convenience. Compare the total amount with when you pay the price in full.

Pay Attention To The Mileage

New buyers tend to focus solely on the prices and think that the lower the price the better, but one of the most common reasons for a low price is high mileage. The higher the mileage, the older the car. Old cars usually need to be serviced and have parts fixed and replaced more than newer ones.


The higher the mileage, the older the car

So when you have your eyes on a car, be sure to ask the seller for the mileage. Avoid those with more than 60,000 kilometers because their parts have a higher chance of being worn out.

Set An Amount Of Budget For Replacement And Repair

Unlike new cars, owners should think about a budget for repairing the vehicles and replacing its parts. Many second-hand car owners recommend setting aside around 20% of the total price of the vehicle.

Know The Car History

No one wants to buy a second-hand car that has been involved in a crime, an accident, or worse, stolen. So here are some ways to know about a vehicle history.

First, ask to see the car’s OR (Original Receipt) and CR (Certificate of Registration) issued by LTO (Land Transportation Office). Also, check its anti-carnapping clearance by PNP Highway Patrol Group.


Car Certificate of Registration issued by LTO

Another method is to check with the LTO to see whether the vehicle has a bad record.

Check The Car For Any Potential Red Flags

Never ever buy a car without inspecting it yourself. Be as thorough and meticulous as possible. Check for any signs of the car being involved in accidents. If you aren’t confident with your inspecting skills, find a trusted mechanic and hire him or her to do it for you.

Always Test Drive

A visual inspection isn’t enough to prove that a second-hand car is worth buying. A test drive is a must to make sure that the vehicle can serve you well in the future. If the seller refuses to let you test, consider it a red flag and walk away. There are so many options on the market that it isn’t worth lingering on something that may cause you troubles.


A test drive is a must to make sure that the vehicle can serve you well in the future

Always Insure The Car

Many second-hand cars come with their own insurance plans but if yours doesn’t, you will have to purchase one yourself. An accident can cause owners a fortune so make sure that you are insured before you take the first drive with your newly-purchased car.

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