Set Up a Store – How to Create an Ecommerce in WordPress

Set Up a Store – How to Create an Ecommerce in WordPress

By: marysmith

We fall short every time we claim that e-commerce is a booming activity. And it is that the purchase and sale of products and services through the internet is something that ultimately is here to stay. It is also an activity that expands exponentially.

Proof of this are the millions of commercial operations that are carried out per day through sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay. More focused on the sale of physical goods and products, although with a strong volume of content or downloadable content sales.

In this last spectrum, companies such as Netflix, iTunes, Udemi or Steam stand out, where the products that are sold consist of intangible goods: movies, series, music or video games.

Not to mention that in recent years platforms that are more oriented to the sale of services or experiences such as airbnb or trivago have experienced a considerable rise, if not astronomical.

Why Ecommerce is Experiencing a Boom

For no one is a secret wordpress ecommerce site is experiencing a good time (and it is not something temporary). This is due to several reasons, among which we can mention:

  • That the public or potential buyers trust the platforms: there is no longer the fear, the mistrust that buying / selling through a web platform represented a few years ago. Now it is such a common practice that it is not perceived as something extraordinary. Today shopping through ecommerce is part of the daily life of millions of people, just like shopping at the store or the supermarket on the corner.
  • The technology that makes electronic commerce possible has become accessible. You no longer need to be an industry giant like Amazon or Apple to be able to have an online store.

And it is precisely on this point that we want to talk with you in this post.

We want you to repeat with us and tattoo this on fire if necessary:

You don’t have to be a giant to be able to have an online store.

You can even repeat it like a mantra while we explain:

Why You Should have your Own Sales or Ecommerce Platform

On the web there are platforms such as Amazon, eBay where you can sell just by registering and creating a profile.

But if you are serious about e-commerce, and we are very sure that it is your case, you need to create your own sales platform.

One that Does not Depend on third Parties.

Selling on a third-party platform implies submitting to their rules and paying commissions. Yes, pay a percentage for each sale made.

With Your own online store you set your own rules. You will not have to pay commissions to anyone.

What is Needed To sell Online

To sell online you need:

  • A Web.
  • A productized product or service.

A Web

To sell online requires a platform that allows you to reach potential customers, or better yet, that they reach you.

The first thing then is a website or blog where you can show your products, services or, if that were the case, your productivized services.

Needless to say. We create our websites in WordPress.

Reasons abound. If you are one of those who have not yet decided on any content manager or CMS, we leave you a post where we list 7 powerful reasons why we use

In case you are already a convinced user of the best content manager, you can skip this part.

In case you do not know what WordPress is and you need to learn how to install it, we prepare for you a fairly complete guide that will help you in the process.

What is WordPress and how to Install it (Step by Step Guide?)

WordPress is undoubtedly a content manager linked directly to the entrepreneurial spirit. Also with it you can set up your store.

A Product, a Service

You already know there is no sale without product, without service. If you entered looking for a guide to set up a website in WordPress, it is because you have the clear intention of selling something that you already have or that you already know.

What Can you Sell?

The possibilities are almost endless. They do not necessarily have to be physical products. You can offer:


Yes, virtual products for download such as music, books, a PDF guide.


Lessons. If you are good you can become a teacher so that others can be as good as you. This is our case, we want you to be an expert in WordPress and we offer you the best online course in Spanish.

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