4 Ways To Download Videos From Any Website

4 Ways To Download Videos From Any Website

By: marysmith

You can watch videos online on several sites. Examples include YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other lesser-known video-streaming websites. Though some of these sites have a download function, most don’t. Take YouTube, for example. The platform allows you to watch as many videos as possible, yet you can’t download videos for offline watching and store them in your gallery. You only have the option to download it offline within the app, but you can’t share it with your other devices.

Of course, this can be inconvenient, especially for those with a slow internet connection, as they have to wait for videos to buffer. So, how do you download videos from the internet? Read on to learn how.

Install A Video Downloader On Your Computer

When a content creator uploads a video, they have the option to encrypt the uploaded file. Doing so prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing the file itself, though they can still watch the video. In short, encryption is why most videos online aren’t downloadable. Fortunately, you can bypass the encryption if you have a video downloader installed on your device.

A video downloader is software that fetches the uploaded video file and cracks the encryption. With the encryption gone, it then produces an unencrypted file for you to download.

So, if you wish to download a video from any website, using a video downloader would be an excellent approach. You only have to install the software on your computer, and you’re good to go. But keep in mind that some downloaders have a limited scope. You may also stumble upon downloaders that only work on specific websites like YouTube.

Those downloaders would be ideal if you wish to learn how to download YouTube videos on PC, but not if you want to download from different sites. On the bright side, although a bit rare, there are video downloaders that support numerous websites. Examples include:

  • 4K Video Downloader
  • Any Video Converter
  • ByClick Downloader
  • VideoProc
  • YTD Video Downloader

Keep in mind that some of these are free, while others require a paid subscription. If you can’t find a video downloader that fits your criteria, you can also settle for a simple downloader.

Install A File Downloader On Your Computer

A file downloader is similar to a video downloader in that it can fetch files from the internet and download them accordingly. However, file downloaders support other file types, like DOC, MP3, and PDF. Meanwhile, video downloaders can only fetch and download video files.

Perhaps the main advantage of file downloaders is that they often support more websites than video downloaders. After all, their scope isn’t limited to video-streaming sites. For instance, video downloaders focus on YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming sites, while file downloaders have a broader scope. Hence, they may support sites like Facebook or Instagram.

You also have to note that some applications are free, and some require a subscription to access their full features. So, better choose the one according to your budget and preference.

Add A Video Downloader Extension To Your Browser


Browser extensions are pieces of software that operate inside a browser to expand its functionality. Unlike computer programs like video or file downloaders, you don’t have to install extensions on your device. Instead, you add the extensions to your browser. Since they’re less involved in your operating system, they’re less likely to cause viruses and other issues associated with software installation. It also saves storage space as they are often lightweight.

However, a video downloader extension should achieve the same result as a regular video downloader program can. Extensions also work differently from downloader programs.

Usually, to download a video using downloader software, you must copy and paste the URL into the program. But with video downloader extensions, that’s not necessary since the extension is directly connected to your browser. Therefore, the extension already has access to the video’s URL link. Most video downloader extensions only require a click of a button to download a video.

Some video downloader extensions might be easier to use, but they have fewer functionalities. It is perhaps the glaring downside of this option. Also, extensions only work on specific browsers. Chrome has its own set of extensions, and the same goes for Opera, Firefox, and other browsers. So, the one you may find might not work well with your browser. Ensure to find the compatible video downloader extension and browser.

Find And Use A Video Downloader Website

If you wish to download a single video just this once, installing a program or extension might be a bit of overkill. In this case, the best approach would be to use a video downloader website.

A video downloader website works the same as a video downloader program. You copy the URL of the video source, paste it into the interface, and the tool will give you download options. The only difference between the two is that one comes in the form of a website, while the other in the form of software. This option is ideal for one-time video downloads as it’s relatively quick. Not to mention, they also do not take a portion of your system’s storage. So, this should come in handy for one-time downloads.


No one likes to get interrupted when watching a video. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens to people with slow internet connections. Due to the slow video buffering, you have to wait until it loads again after a few minutes or seconds. Hence, knowing how to download videos from any website is crucial for those who deal with videos regularly.

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