Technology Associated with Detox Foot Patches

By: marysmith

Detox foot pads have recently gained great demand due to their natural cleansing benefits accrued to their functioning. The natural cleansing properties are caused by the negatively charged ions from the adhesive patches attached beneath the foot. Negative ions create a relaxing effect which is similar to the experience one gets when it is raining or when they are close to a waterfall. In detox patches, the negative ions are generated by tourmaline.  Negative ions in the patches can also be generated by wood vinegar. Foot detox patches are therefore made from either wood vinegar or tourmaline.

How they function

Wood vinegar has qualities that lead to the generation of negatively charged ions. Consequently, it is incorporated in the detox foot patches. The patches have adhesives which facilitate the attachment to the feet. After the patches are attached to the feet, they trigger high circulation of blood in the circulatory system to the feet and the rest of the body. Similarly, there is stimulation of flow in the lymphatic system that increases the flow of the lymphatic fluid to the feet.

The core function of the negatively charged ions include:

  • Strengthening the immune system of the body
  • Reinforcement of body tissues that need collagen (tension related issues)
  • Increase the permeability of plasma membranes to accentuate metabolism
  • Revitalizes the functioning of autonomic nerves

The increase in the flow of blood to the feet is stimulated by the high concentration of negatively charged ions at the areas the patches are attached. Attachment of the patches on the feet is critical since there is a high concentration of nerve endings and apertures which serves as exit points for toxins during detoxification. The feet are referred to as reflex points since they have various reflex points as well as numerous nerve endings. While the tourmaline generates negatively charged ions, the wood vinegar components contribute to the absorption of toxins from the lymphatic system.

Benefits to the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is adjusted to the capillary networks in the circulatory system. It is critical to the body’s immune system. It filters disease-causing organisms from the blood and generates particular white blood cells and antibodies which help in fighting pathogens. Further, it drains extra proteins and fluids from body tissues. This is a critical function since it maintains the body pH at an optimum level. Otherwise, high levels of acidity increase the chances of contracting infections and invasion by pathogens. Detox foot patches are essential to the lymphatic and the immune system by drawing the toxins from it, preventing it from becoming overwhelmed. Moreover, they prevent the coagulation of the blood and the lymphatic system with their cleansing properties resulting in better health.

Detox foot patches have a plethora of benefits including the establishment of homeostasis in the body which accentuates wellness, revitalizing circulation in the lymphatic and blood circulation, increases metabolism, and the absorption and the excretion of toxins and bodily fluids. Notably, the use of detox foot patches strengthens the immune system and restores its default working through natural means.


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