Technology Behind Detox Foot Pads

By: marysmith

The technology behind detox foot pads is the infrared radiation produced by the active ingredients in the pads. This radiation reacts with the sixty acupuncture and reflexology points to produce a relaxation effect on the body and suction toxic material from the body. Detox foot pads are designed with an objective of naturally detoxifying the body from toxic waste like pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. By eliminating the toxic matter the body regains its health and vitality. The two main ingredients in detox foot pad technology are wood vinegar and tourmaline.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a mineral element found in Brazil. It is the only ingredient in detox foot pads that generates anions (negatively charged ions) through the facilitation of infrared rays. The anions work to heal and calm the body. The anions activate the acupuncture areas around the feet effectively producing a relaxing and soothing effect on the body organs. Tourmaline has additional benefits such as relief of anxiety and stress from the body.

The closest feeling associated with the feeling generated by tourmaline is that feeling you get when you stand next to a waterfall or the soothing feeling when it rains. Scientists have proven that anions can actually facilitate the detoxification of your body.

Wood vinegar: Wood vinegar is a sacrosanct product in ancient Asia, especially with the Japanese people. It has been used for centuries as a detoxifying and soothing antibiotic. Wood vinegar has the capacity to extract toxins from the pores of your skin surface, therefore, facilitating the enhancement of lymph and blood circulation and enhanced immunity. It is also used for the treatment of irritation and infections. According to scientific research, wood vinegar has the capacity to absorb toxic matter from the feet pores.

Tourmaline and wood vinegar are the two fundamental ingredients in detox foot pads. The foot pads detoxification technology has been built around these two formulas.

Why the feet? Detox foot pads are attached on the sole of the feet for a couple of important reasons. Oriental medicine considers the feet a second heart. The lower limbs are known to aid the circulation of lymph and blood back into the torso. We spend most of our time in sedentary positions. When we are immobile the circulation process from the lower limbs is inherently derailed. Lymph and blood are held up in the lower limbs, i.e. the ankles, lower legs, and feet.

Essentially most toxic materials will be caught up in the lower limb due to the effects of gravity and the body’s natural tendency to push toxins further from the heart. With the active ingredients in detox foot pads, the toxins will be drawn through the skin pores into the pads. The negative ions produced by tourmaline adhere to toxic matter and the activity of wood vinegar causes the toxic material to get suctioned out of the body. This natural technology is the reason detox foot pads are considered effective.

Benefits of detox foot pads technology

  • Revitalization
  • Better sleep
  • Alleviated anxiety and depression
  • Refreshing of the mind
  • Enhanced body immunity
  • Improved metabolism, circulation, and homeostasis
  • Youthful and energetic feeling

Precaution: It is important to seek the advice of your physician before settling on a detoxification method.


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