Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Bitcoin ATMs

Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Bitcoin ATMs

By: marysmith

Automated teller machines are lifesavers. They are easy outlets for currency. A widely accepted form of currency these days is cryptocurrency. People trade worldwide using various cryptocurrencies. ATMs make it easy for such investors to access bitcoins easily. Bitcoins are the most popular of cryptocurrencies. People often criticize cryptocurrencies for the purpose it serves in making illegal transaction. These transactions are often declared illegitimate and unsafe.

There is always room for illicit activities in these types of transactions. Bitcoin exchanges are good for obtaining bitcoins but, bitcoin ATMs are faster. Bitcoin ATMs, popularly known as BATMs, allow users to procure bitcoins in exchange for money. BATM is similar to any ordinary ATM; the only difference is that BATM offers bitcoins and ordinary ATMs offer money. Some Bitcoin ATMs are bi-directional; they allow users to sell and buy bitcoins.

The very first bitcoin ATM showed up in the picture in 2013. It did not take much time to gain popularity among industries and masses. It became a popular choice among investors for its ease of use and demand-oriented service. In the beginning, the bitcoin ATMs were installed in just major states and countries. Their demand grew, and they were installed at more places as time passed.

It is not surprising to spot bitcoin ATMs on the streets these days. All bitcoin ATMs are not bi-directional. Some bitcoin ATMs allow users to buy bitcoins in return for money. There are types of bitcoin ATMs that allow crypto traders to sell bitcoins easily. Some applications and websites can track the bitcoin ATM nearest to you. These apps and websites also provide the list of services the bitcoin ATMs near you.

How Do Bitcoin ATMs work? Here Is An Overview

  • An internet-driven portal is used by bitcoin ATMs that helps carry out transactions.
  • Users can use their credit/ debit cards to withdraw bitcoins.
  • The bitcoin ATM converts this cash into bitcoins, and these bitcoins are stored in your bitcoin wallet.
  • Your bitcoin wallet is where you send the bitcoins from and receive them.

Wave of New Ohio Bitcoin ATMs Expose Potential Law Weakness

Interestingly, the bitcoin ATMs can also be used to obtain other cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. All these currencies are stored in the same wallet.

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Do we often wonder if bitcoin ATMs are safe to use or not? There are a lot of controversies and myths surrounding cryptocurrencies, and due to this, people are afraid of undertaking transactions that involve cryptocurrencies. We know that bitcoins are extremely volatile; the fast action of bitcoin ATMs ensures protection from their volatility. All the accounts are assigned unique passwords. Accounts also have two-factor authentication in case of a potential breach of a user’s data. A bitcoin ATM does not use a third party. The fund directly goes to the blockchain.

According to a survey, almost ninety percent of the world’s bitcoin ATMs are installed in the United States of America. The second position is dominated by Canada, the third, Europe, the fourth, Spain, etc. A few Bitcoin ATMs have also been installed in India for users’ convenience. Bitcoin ATMs require authorization. They cannot be set up without the permission of the government. The first Robocoin machine was set up in Vancouver, Canada.  One of the first countries to modulate the approval of cryptocurrencies was Canada.

Final Words

Lastly, to operate a bitcoin ATM, a user needs to have a cryptocurrency user account. Only an existing account holder can access bitcoin ATMs. If you are a cryptocurrency trader, take advantage of these convenient bitcoin ATMs. They are increasing in demand because of their user-friendly features, the security they provide, and no prior technical knowledge is required before using them.

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