All You Need to Know About Edit PDF by PDFBear

All You Need to Know About Edit PDF by PDFBear

By: marysmith

There is a new pdf editing software in town, and it is incredible. Not only is it accessible through any device, but it’s also free of charge. Introducing, Edit PDF by PDFBear. If you’re eager to know more about this amazing software, then here’s all you need to know about Edit PDF.

Edit PDF by PDFBear

Believe it or not, we are now in a time where almost everything can be found on the internet for free. No one will have to struggle and climb that paywall for something you probably won’t need to use every day. And even if you do use that thing daily, it won’t hurt you or your wallet either. And now, pdf editing has come to the land of the free.

You can now edit pdf online by using PDFBear’s Edit PDF tool. It’s a recent development and addition to the already packed service that PDFBear gives for free. But even though it’s new, it was designed and programmed to make users maneuver it with ease. The interface is fairly intuitive, but instructions are written on the landing page if you’re having a bit of trouble.


Although PDFBear’s pdf editing tool is free and online, it doesn’t mean that it has low quality or limited functionality. In fact, what the Edit PDF software offers is almost the same as the basic features on a paid pdf editor. To learn more about its tools, here is an in-depth overview of what those functions are and how to use them.

Free Draw

The first one on the list is the Free Draw. The Free Draw function lets you draw anything with your free hand or, in most cases, a mouse. It simulates you having a pen and drawing or writing on the pdf, which acts as the paper. It has an option where you can choose which color the lines will be, and you can also change the thickness of the lines that it’ll make.

To use it, you first need to click on the Free Draw Button, which has a drawing pencil icon. Then, you pick what color and thickness you want for the line. And then, you just hold the left click on the mouse and draw. When you’re done, you can either click the Done button beside the other options or click on another tool to use. Additionally, you can also resize the drawing you made by adjusting the box’s corners and sides that appear when you press Done.

Free Highlight

This next one is a must-use feature of this pdf editing tool. The Free Highlight tool functions similarly to its real-life counterpart. It highlights text and images with a slightly translucent color making it pop out of the pdf page.

Like the Free Draw function, the Free Highlight tool also gives you the option to choose which color and thickness you want the highlight to be. It works the same way as the Free Draw function, where you click the buttons, select your preferred settings, and operate the same way, with a free hand.


For this next one, a bit of explanation is needed to avoid confusion. Edit PDF’s Text function cannot edit the text already on the pdf. It can only add text to it, just like a comment or notes. One way to fully change the text on the pdf is to convert it to a format that’s easy for you to manipulate, like Word, for example, then change it back to pdf format through pdf conversion.

Now, back to the Text function. It allows you to add text on the pdf like a footnote. The font it offers is only limited to five, for now, and it also has five available font sizes that range from Tiny to Huge. You can also change the color of the text to follow your specifications.

Add Shapes

The Adding Shapes option is pretty understandable. It lets you add a shape to your pdf file. This can be very helpful if you want to make figures or graphs that need a definite or straight form. Currently, it allows you to make a square or rectangle, a circle, and a line. You can decide the color of the shape’s outline and the fill inside. Additionally, you can also choose the width of the shape’s outline.

Add Images

Lastly, the Add Images option will let you select an image from your folders and put it on the pdf file. Once the selection is made, and the photo is on the page, you can then resize it to your liking and move it to the position you want it placed.


So, those are all you need to know about PDFBear’s Edit PDF program. Of course, if you want to learn more, it is best to visit the site and try the functions for yourself. You don’t have to worry about a paywall or installation on your device if you want to test it since the service is online and for free.

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