A Prismatic Guide to The Care and Maintenance of Your Car Magnet Signs 

A Prismatic Guide to The Care and Maintenance of Your Car Magnet Signs 

By: marysmith

A large number of businesses around the world, both big and small use magnetic car signs for the promotion of their goods and services. It might be a small advertising medium, sans the blitz and glitz of television or social media, but when you do it correctly, these signs have the capacity to provide you with more website hits and higher customer inquiries and engagement.

Unlike newspaper banners and ads, you only have a couple of seconds to catch the eyes of your potential customers/clients, and convince them to buy from you.

The most crucial aspect of car signs is to understand your company’s budget for business promotions. Before going for the maintenance, consider the number of vehicles you need to carry those signs. After doing the mathematics for your advertising costs, you can place the order and check your ROI.

Going into Maintenance

Magnetic car signs can be an extremely flexible and reliable signage solution for small to medium business owners. However, you need to underscore all the risks and limitations of car magnet signs and maintain them well.

  • The surface between your vehicle and the magnet must be perpetually dry and clean. In the event of any moisture or condensation accumulating in the area, it can become virtually impossible to remove the sign in one piece.
  • Additionally, any particulates or dirt between the vehicle and the magnet becomes extremely abrasive. If you slide or pull the magnet to reposition it, it might damage or scratch the paint. Hence, clean your signs once every week.
  • The magnet must be perfectly flat on the car. Car trim and contours can impede the margent signs from lying perfectly flat against the vehicle surface. During installation, just ensure that you’re flushing the sign with your car.
  • If it’s not flat, there could be wind accumulation beneath the magnet, which will flip it off the car, leading to a dangerous liability and road risk.
  • Apply care and caution when removing these signs from your vehicle/s. Lift it to a corner before peeling the sign from the vehicle surface.
  • Egregious temperature can affect the magnet qualities, making it either very pliable or brittle. Be careful as these conditions create fatigue in the magnet.
  • Remove them before driving your car at high speeds.

Basic Care and Maintenance

It’s crucial to regularly clean your car magnetic signs with warm water. Use a mild detergent before drying it off completely with a clean, soft cloth. Do remember that chemicals, dirt, or moisture can affect your car’s finish.

  • To protect the base coat or clear coat and vinyl surfaces on new vehicles, you can remove the magnets daily.
  • Wax the surface and sign’s rear portion generously to impede damage.
  • To prevent sudden or even paint loss or fading, a periodic removal of the sign is a good step. Leave your vehicle under direct sunlight for one day to allow an even and continuous UV rays distribution.
  • After removing the magnetic signs, store them in a cool and dry place.

Roll them out on a fully flat surface. Store them in your refrigerator or a filing cabinet. To avoid breaking or cracking, don’t crease or fold your magnetic signs.

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