Seven Stages of Video Production That One Must Know

Seven Stages of Video Production That One Must Know

By: marysmith

A video production process is complex in nature that needs many interactions and time for preliminary research. With the desire to produce heart-stealing animation, at Pickle Pictures – Video Promotion Company, they perfected their methods of scriptwriting, storyboarding, designing, publishing an animated video, and would like to share our knowledge with you.

In this article, you will come to know about the 7 stages of video production.

Project Research:

This is the foremost stage of video production where you need to tell the production company about your business needs and objectives, why do you need this video and where do you plan to use it? What should be the mood of the video i.e. formal or informal? You also need to tell about your main competitors and brands that are role models for you in terms of their video marketing or the overall online presentation. It will reflect clear light on your needs and preferences.


It’s the second stage of video production where scriptwriters of production companies write an excellent script that describes your message. In case, if the script is not good the beauty of animation could be shaded. To convert your viewers into your customers is a challenging task, that is why production companies should do their best to shape a clear message and transfer it creatively.


At this stage of video production, production artists need to make sketches of illustrations that will be used in a video. This is a critical process as production companies need to fulfill your expectations regarding the style and look of the visuals fit into the sketch which production artists have produced. It helps to eliminate and find out the infelicities of the concept and visuals so production companies can complete a video more quickly and qualitatively without conducting further revisions when the video is already produced.


Production companies can choose the voice artists which will match the best to the mood and style of your explainer video. They will search for the right voice artist. After the approval of the script and a storyboard, the actor will begin doing the work and finish voice recording in an affordable of your time.

Video Production:

The fifth stage of video production, where production companies can start creating the draft video. And complete the video with an eye-catching animated video.

Sound and Music Effects:

Production companies need to make all the needed revisions and improvements, and the sound designer starts creating audio effects to make your video even more immersive and memorable. Video production companies will choose the most exciting sound effects and engaging explainer video music that maintains the general style and mood of animation and impressive audio assists to accelerate the retention rate and raise the audience’s interest.

Delivery, Publishing & Marketing:

Until you will not give final approval of production company work, reputable companies may deliver the best quality videos in different sizes or resolutions, and then you may choose and publish them.

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