MilesWeb Review : Major Benefits Of Its Dedicated Server

MilesWeb Review : Major Benefits Of Its Dedicated Server

By: marysmith

Even if you run a small business or a large scale organization you will need a dedicated server at some point of time, to protect your valuable information. The most commonly used hosting service is a shared hosting where common resources are used by different websites, due to which when the website grows it may fail to get the required resources.

Thus, if a business requires more powerful servers and control over them, then a dedicated server is the best option to get. In dedicated hosting, every website gets its own resources and thus never lags the performance. You can say, cheap dedicated server is an advanced form of web hosting that comes with lots of hosting benefits. Let’s see the benefits of a cheap dedicated server :

No Sharing Of Resources

As mentioned above, if you choose dedicated hosting, the website doesn’t share its resources with other websites. Thus, there is no risk associated with the website getting crash over other sites or them clogging the server’s RAM and CPU. Even if the bad script runs on another website it won’t impact your website, instead, your server will run smoothly. Thus, especially mid and large businesses opt for a dedicated server over a shared hosting option.

Better Performance

There is no doubt that a dedicated server comes with better performance. It guarantees the maximum uptime for the website and can handle high traffic website as well. If your priority is to get more stability and reliability then committing to dedicated hosting or cheap VPS is highly recommended.

High Security

Dedicated hosting ensures that you do not share server space with any potential spammer or a problematic website which cannot be ensured in shared hosting. Keeping security as the highest priority dedicated hosting is considered as providing the separate server space and resources. So, you don’t have to compromise on resources and security.

Unique IP address

Every dedicated server comes with a unique IP address, unlike shared hosting that shares IP addresses among the number of sites. This protects your website’s ranking from falling down even if the neighbor website falls. A unique IP address is especially required by an e-commerce website that needs a good ranking on search engines.


The dedicated hosting offers higher flexibility in its software, applications, and the operating environment. It comes with the maximum flexibility that allows organizations to create a customized environment according to the users’ needs. Users can select the software and platform that fits their preferences and gives them complete control over it. Thus, for flexibility dedicated hosting is recommended.

These are some benefits of using dedicated hosting. Now let’s see features offered by MilesWeb with all their dedicated hosting plans :

MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting provides bare metal dedicated servers that are easily deployable and can be managed effortlessly with an add on cPanel.

The plans are provided on the basis of features like memory, storage, bandwidth, etc.

MilesWeb uses Intel Xeon processors with its dedicated server hosting plans.

Customer Review :

Dedicated Server

Choice of the control panel :

To cope up with the server management troubles a broad variety of power control panels are made available for the customers. Users can choose CentOS for your dedicated server and can pick cPanel, or Plesk for CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu operating systems and the Webuzo is a perfect fit for CentOS and   Ubuntu.

Operating Systems :

The following operating system options are provided with hosting plans –

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Windows OS

The uses of Bare Metal Server from MilesWeb are :

Unlimited websites hosting –

Under the single dedicated hosting plan, you can host websites without any limit. Also, you are allowed to move all your VPS hosting accounts to a dedicated server.

SSH root access –

The complete root access is provided with every Linux dedicated server. So, the user gets complete control and freedom to install web applications on the server.

High performance –

The resources in a dedicated server are not shared with any other website so that the traffic of those websites does not block your resources and hence websites. This ensures that every website gets a superior performance for all websites and apps hosted on a dedicated server.

Free Setup without any contract –

When I got my dedicated hosting from MilesWeb, they made sure to enable it on my system without charging any extra penny apart from the hosting plan. This was really the great experience and identity of the experienced and trusted hosting provider. They also guarantee that you can cancel the plan at any point of time without charging any kind of penalties or cancellation fees.

Powerful servers –

All servers provided by MilesWeb are powered by high quality, enterprise-grade hardware from top players like Dell, HP, and Supermicro. These servers are built to offer you the best speed and unparalleled performance.

Customization –

Users can run customized applications on the server with a custom environment. You are rest assured that even the heavy applications will run smoothly without any hitch.

Aren’t these features amazing?

If you think the same, then make sure to know more about them by referring to the MilesWeb website.

Also, all plans from MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate, pure SSD storage, free website builder tool, 99.95% uptime, 1 click installer, latest software, etc.

Additionally, you can reach them 24/7 for any kind of technical support help.

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