How To Run Mac Apps On Windows

How To Run Mac Apps On Windows

By: marysmith

Do you have a Windows machine but you want to take advantage of some great apps that Mac has to offer such as Pages or Numbers? Figuring out how to run Mac apps on Windows might seem like an impossible task but it’s quite straight-forward.

There are ways around the restrictions on using Mac software on Windows. No longer do you need to be on team Mac or team Windows, you can take advantage of the best features of each operating system.

Heres everything you need to know.

1. Enter the Virtual World

One of the best ways to get your Mac apps to work on Windows is to install a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a version of Mac or Windows that works inside your current operating system.

It might sound like a matrix scenario or some illegal hack but it’s a legitimate way of running your Mac apps on a Windows machine or visa-versa.

To get the ball rolling with this one you’re going to need a version of the latest OS to install on your Mac. You’re also going to need Virtual Box or VM Ware Player.

This will take up considerable space on your hard drive so you may need to boot it from Google Drive or an external hard drive.

It also requires significant technical know-how so if you’re struggling be sure to reach out to a technically minded person or an IT specialist and pay them to do it for you.

2. Partition Your Hardrive

You may need to partition your hard drive to continue with your endeavor to run Mac software on Windows.

This means that you split the memory of your hard drive in two with half of it contributing to your Windows Operating system and the other half towards your Mac OS.

At the startup screen, you will be able to choose if you want to run Windows or Mac. Given how closed Apple’s hardware and software this can seem challenging.

To make it work you will need a copy of Windows OS to put it on your computer to make it work.

Partitioning your hard drive is a complex task and can take time so it’s best to ask an expert. If you mess this up you might lose all of your data or need your computer completely resetting.

You could try using disk drill to do partition your hard drive.

3. Find a Windows Version of Your App

Sometimes an app is available on both Mac and Windows, even if you don’t know it. Try to do some research on the app you want to use first before assuming you won’t be able to use it. The great news is that more and more apps are available on both systems and the barriers between them are breaking down such as Microsoft Office now being available on the Mac App Store.

Even Safari can be run on a Windows machine. The issue here is that Apple no longer develops Safari for Windows and so you’ll have to use an older version. Scourer the internet and see there are older versions that you can use.

But be aware of the pitfalls of using old apps or unofficial apps not supported by the developer. The features you want might not be included or you might find your app crashing all the time.

There is also a risk that the app could include malware or other bugs if you don’t check it properly with a virus scanner. Be careful.


4. Use an Equivalent App

If you’re thinking about running apps on Mac, it isn’t hard. Sometimes you can use an equivalent app that does all the work of the official app you want to use and this can work with Windows or visa-versa.

The great thing about Windows is that it’s a lot more open to third-party developers than Mac’s system which imposes regulation and restrictions on who can build software for it’s App store.

This is designed to keep users safe but it can restrictive. Instead, you can use an equivalent app that does the job just as well.

If you are looking to use pages you could use Microsoft Word, Google Doc or even Microsoft Publisher if you are looking for a more visual experience. There are often plugins to allow you to add in many of the features from other programs. You may need to pay for these.

5. Consider Buying a Cheap Mac

There’s do getting away from the fact that Macs are expensive and the comparatively cheap cost of a Windows machine might be the main reason you didn’t buy a Mac.

However, Macs lose value quickly because they are generally updated every year. You could consider buying a second hand Mac as a second machine. This can ensure that you always have a system to run the apps you want to on it.

Search on eBay or Amazon Marketplace and see what’s available. Be sure to also ask your friends if they have an old machine they are considering getting rid of and see if you can take it off their hands.

How to Run Mac Apps on Windows? Depends on Your Needs

If you are wondering how to run Mac apps on Windows then the reality is you need to listen to figure out what apps you want to use and what the easiest solution is.

You can run a virtual machine or partition your hard drive but this is a complex task and you may need to pay an expert to do it for you. This is how you run Mac software on Windows.

If you are interested in learning more about how to run Mac apps on Windows then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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