Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartwatch

By: marysmith

You have decided to buy a device that is popular now – a smartwatch. What to look for when choosing a smart device in the first place? Here Jaspreet singh from wearable hacks recommend you various tips to buy a smartwatch. So let’s have a look:

Smartphone compatibility

Imagine that you have just bought a smartwatch and realized that the device you put on your wrist is unusable because your phone does not recognize it. Quite an unpleasant situation. This is why a compatibility check is essential when buying a smartwatch.

Most of the smartwatches on the market are made by smartphone companies. Their main goal is to drag you into the ecosystem of their mobile device. For example, Apple Watch will only pair with an iPhone. Thus, Apple “hints” that you will have to buy an iPhone first.


There are many products of various brands on the market now. This allows you not to be tied to any strictly defined style, but to choose an option just for yourself.

As a rule, smartwatches are made in the form of a circle, square or rectangle. Some models are made in a classic style and so high quality that it is difficult to distinguish them from ordinary watches.


For the production of the vast majority of watches, plastic is used, especially for inexpensive and sports models. Not so long ago, companies started using ceramics.

As for the straps, there are many more variations. This could be:

  • stainless steel;
  • leather;
  • plastic;
  • nylon;

Many models offer the option of quick replacement of the strap. This allows you to change the style of the accessory depending on the day or mood.


It is the duration of work without recharging that is one of the most important parameters for many buyers. As with any technology, it is true for smartwatches that a large number of functions quickly consume battery power.

If this feature is a priority, it is recommended to choose a watch with an E-Ink display. Yes, there are decent options with touch screens, but it is worth remembering that in this case it all depends on how heavily loaded the watch is. The GPS-navigator “eats” the energy especially strongly.


It serves as a dial, and its diagonal usually fluctuates in the range of 0.5-1.5 inches. You can find products with a large screen, but they are not very comfortable to wear.

The display itself can be color or monochrome. For example, the brands Pebble, Withings and some others, use E-Ink (electronic paper) in the manufacture of the display, which is characterized by low energy consumption.

And the presence of a touch screen makes the watch more convenient compared to keyboards.


It should be remembered that a watch is a status accessory for both men and women. So choosing very functional, but bulky and shapeless accessories is not the best option.

An important point specifically for smartwatches in terms of design is the ability to replace straps. They can be plastic, silicone, fabric or leather. The best thing to do is to have the strap on your watch detachable – by changing it, you can create a new accent in the design of the device, if it is part of your style.

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