Features To Consider In A Housekeeping Management Software

Features To Consider In A Housekeeping Management Software

By: Aiza Gill

Are you looking for prudent housekeeping software with all the features you need to run your housekeeping department and keep your customers happy superbly? If so, then you came to the right place for information.

Housekeeping is no joke. A supervisor/manager sitting behind desks can’t deal with plenty of things on a manual note. However, thanks to technology, housekeeping departments can do more with less and housekeeping software helps them do just that. Capitalizing on housekeeping management software can be a big purchase for a hotel. Whether you’re a 400-room resort in the Caribbean or a 14-room boutique hotel in NYC, housekeeping software can keep your enterprise organized, save time and cut costs.

Hoteliers have a boatload of options to choose from, so it is vital to assess each product before deciding. There isn’t any “one-size-fits-all” approach to finding the best housekeeping software. However, many versions can tick most boxes on your “features to consider” wish list, if not all.

To help you set the pace, we’ve come up with a list of all the features you must consider when buying housekeeping management software for your needs.

Easy-to-use & Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly interface is an essential factor when deciding on a mission-critical housekeeping management software for a property.

If the software you choose is confusing and complex, more mistakes will come your way, costing you more money and time. Everyday tasks should never take lots of steps and time. It slows down your workforce and limits your ability to expand – hence the need for reliable and easy-to-use software.

Email Automation

You can communicate effortlessly with your guests and minimize manual work for your employees by deploying customizable, personalized, and automated emails. With this feature, you’ll be able to use your templates with automatic functionality. It will ultimately allow you to retain strong communication from the initial booking to directed offers for recurring guests.

PMS Integration

Choosing housekeeping software capable of integrating with your current PMS can help you save time. It can also help dodge duplicate data entry and guarantee correctness by attaching directly with other systems at your enterprise.

Furthermore, if your PMS merchant is attached with your housekeeping software, room status and reservation details will get swapped between the two structures in real-time. As a result, you won’t have guests waiting at the receptionist’s desk.

Cross-team Dispatch

Housekeeping isn’t a one-act play. Your team will need to report to other departments and other teams to communicate with you. From the front office to the manufacturing team, a housekeeping component that allows you to collaborate with every department in the property is essential.

Other than that, having visibility into what other teams might be doing is also critical. It is easier to know that you cannot release a room to the front desk when there are ongoing preservation issues. Rather than manually spreading all that information.

Mobile Capabilities for Managers

Make sure that the software you choose includes the capability to reassign work on the go. Programmable ordering, which re-orders rooms according to reservation status, occupancy, and VIP, means that anybody who can be present on the floor may do other things. Instead of being confined to a desk.

Guest Experience Management

One of the most important features you should look out for in housekeeping management software is the guest experience. It is a broad catch-all for systems with a component meant to improve your guests’ experience with your staff.

But how Does That Work in Real Life?

One ordinary way is a guest profile tool.  It helps record guest info, including favorites, like if they prefer extra water bottles or other specific requests they’ve made to their arrangement. That said, software with “guest profiling” would prove prevalent.

Guest profiles are also helpful for evaluating guest history, allowing you to keep track of your returning guests’ preferences. Additionally, because they are returning clients, you may offer them discounts or some other kind of appreciation for choosing your property’s services again.

Reporting and Analytics 

Your housekeeping software should have this feature. It offers insight into cost management, people management, and ROI you are receiving from the component. Gathering information about how your team is performing is an excellent insight into individual department and employee efficiency. Housekeeping software generates information on how long it takes to clean a room. It also keeps tabs that cleaning more rooms faster and better than their teammates can assist in uncovering inefficiencies or recognize rockstar room attendants in procedures.

Furthermore, search for software that entails a wide variety of reporting and metrics for you to get both a detailed breakdown and a big picture view of your department’s progress.


It all comes down to which tool helps you achieve your goals and proves valuable for future progress. Just know that housekeeping management software is an incredible asset for any hotel. Therefore, spend the needed time researching and genuinely comprehending which features will work best for your business. It won’t be easy. But suppose you know what features are essential for your property. In that case, you will have a much easier time tapering in on your top contenders. Focus on finding a solution that is efficient and keeps your guests happy.

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