Surprising Sources of Sales Leads

By: marysmith

Do you periodically reach out to failed sales and former clients? If not, you could be ignoring possible prospects.

It’s easy to think about a lost client as misplaced for all time. That might be proper, but if you don’t live current with former clients, you may be sealing your fate unnecessarily.


The customer who let your agreement lapse or did not include you of their selection manner did so for any quantity of reasons. Yes, sometimes your corporation made an unforgivable mistake or did some thing similarly fatal. Often, it is subtler. Either way, in case you surrender on them, they are possibly to remain former clients for all time.

If you take the initiative and reintroduce yourself, you would possibly find out-

Your organization become looked as if it would be incorrect for a motive that isn’t currently legitimate. (Your fees were not competitive; now they’re. You failed to provide a one-forestall-keep revel in; now you do. The salesperson who used to cover that territory become abrasive; his/her alternative is properly-liked.)

Or the decision-maker who blackballed you or become unshakably unswerving for your competitor is now not there.

Or the individual that used to robotically encompass you in the enterprise’s choice technique has moved up or moved on, and the new man or woman does not recognize you to include you.
Possible consequences: a renewed relationship, information that you absolutely aren’t a fit anymore, or a frosty shoulder.


Similarly, with failed sales, they may now not have selected you when a selected selection changed into made. That doesn’t mean that they had by no means do not forget you once more, but it’s your obligation to stay on their radar. If they are marketed to via a enough range of groups in your category, they may not consist of you the following time they open their selection manner. By writing them off, you turn “no” into “never.”


Some organizations are very good approximately asking departing clients for an go out interview and asking failed sales for a submit-selection debriefing. Unfortunately, many of these corporations assign this task to the salesclerk or account manager the consumer or prospect simply rejected. That’s cruel! Think approximately it:;

It’s very hard for one person to say directly to every other, “This is the way you disillusioned me,” or “This is in which you fell brief.”

If a former customer or failed sale is inclined to be candid, the average shop clerk or account manager is likely to get protecting in reaction. In other phrases, they reward candor with an argument.
Instead, feedback from lost clients and failed income is higher solicited from the VP of Sales or Account Management (or Operations). What at the beginning blush seems like an unwise use of very precious time turns out to be the best manner to isolate root causes and reduce the quantity of destiny misplaced customers and failed income.

You may ask why a former patron or failed sale would cooperate and offer sincere responses to these questions. The solution is simple:

Companies need vendors.

If you misplaced the client or the sale for reasons that may be addressed to their satisfaction, you might be the vendor that gives the satisfactory deal the subsequent time they want your product or service.

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