Irex Platform Was Developed With Protection In Mind

Irex Platform Was Developed With Protection In Mind

By: marysmith

If there is a need for public safety monitoring, you should consider IREX private cloud platform. This tool is developed to reveal the threats to safety in public places. It helps to prevent and protect people from violence and outbreaks of viral diseases. All it takes is to integrate the service to the cameras established in crowded areas.

The tool will keep watching over the objects, people, vehicles. There is a search option with a wide range of filters allowing to find almost any person and vehicle all over the world. The developer has access to Government Databases and other sources of information.

The Mission Of Irex 

This platform was developed to protect millions of people in large gatherings effectively. Powerful and user-friendly, this platform includes various tools to assist security personnel in high risk environments.

As we move forward in uncertain times, Artificial Intelligence technology within Irex should give all entertainment venues and sports arenas peace of mind when it comes to public safety and protection against terrorism, violence or infectious diseases.

The Key Features

What are the top concerns when large groups of people gather in venues such as arenas, stadiums, campuses, schools etc. We’d say there are three main concerns in today’s world:

Crime: Irex is able to monitor people who have a history of criminal behavior. The picture of such an individual is uploaded and Artificial Intelligence starts processing it identifying the factors, tracking the individual across multiple cameras. It is possible to gather detailed information about their current and past behavior.

Violent upheaval such as riots:  Being integrated to cameras established in the grounds where the event is conducted, Multi-camera tracking allows visibility of every participator, to look for unwanted and suspicious people to respond rapidly reducing threat of harm.

Infection. It traces contacts and social distancing, detects fever if the thermal camera is used. If there are crowds of people in public spaces while there are restrictions in place, Irex will alarm and a response team will interfere. It is able to detect a person with elevated temperatures, find and track people, which are obligated to quarantine.

It is clear that the IREX platform comes with plenty of benefits. In addition, it is available on-demand. The user does not depend on storage hardware or any server. There are no limits as to the number of users, cameras or drones integrated. The tool is available across multiple devices.

The IREX product is recommended for use at stadiums as part of anti-terrorism measures and public health protection. That is why among the first users of this platform are such organizations as the National Collegiate Athletic Association dealing with the well-being of college athletes and National Basketball Association.

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