Why The Irex Security System Is Necessary For Public Safety

Why The Irex Security System Is Necessary For Public Safety

By: marysmith

IREX’s video-based cloud service is a private, multi-functional cloud platform providing public safety on a mass scale. It identifies and detects threats to prevent danger in large crowds and mass gatherings. How does it work? It searches the video content objects through various locations all over the world. Irex has the capability to protect the public from terrorism to infectious diseases.

Irex applies multiple filters returning detailed search results alerting you to potential danger. It can be deployed at large stadiums during sports events to ensure safety for all.

Irex Compared To Vms

When comparing Irex platform with conventional video management systems (VMS), Irex is much more efficient because of the next-generation technologies used. Used by tech giants such as Amazon and Google, the  benefits of artificial intelligence are unmatched.

Among its current users are NBA, NFL, NCAA. The product combines the useful features provided by AI, superb Big Data Technologies, and functions of Cloud, more specifically:

Artificial Intelligence identifies a person or vehicle with certain factors and provides alarm and audio detection. It is also is able to perform multiple camera tracking and object classification.

The product deals with large data sets generated at very high speed searching across multiple locations applying numerous filters. It creates unlimited search lists of humans and vehicles. Such volume of diverse information cannot be managed by traditional database management systems but Irex platform solves the tasks using the Big Data approach.

Finally, the product itself with the processed and classified information is kept within Private Cloud providing background software updates when they come. There is no need in the storage hardware or server to use Irex platform. You can trust in it – this Cloud has had no failures since its launch. All that you have to do in order to benefit from its advantages is to get the standard equipment. It is available on smart watch, smart phone, tablet, PC and video wall.

Securing Social Distancing

With the current demand for social distancing, our product is extremely useful. Using AI tools it can control social distancing.. Surveilling the surroundings, it sets an alarm as soon as it detects crowding in public places. This function is extremely vital nowadays when we have to take such safety measures due to Coronavirus. It can be used under circumstances of other dangerous infections too. The overview is provided in the form of dashboard analytics.

With thermal sensors it can detect people with high body temperatures. It can be used in conjunction with contact tracing software. It is able to find and track a person on maps. This is the best way to perform contact tracing when there is a risk containment. The platform offers to verify people who have been quarantined using their photos and send notification about them to the representatives of an immediate response group with personal details.

The Irex system helps to maintain safety measures in large crowds and mass gatherings, where people may not be adhering to protocols for public health.

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