Ditch The Old Ways And Invite Your Guests With Just One Click

Ditch The Old Ways And Invite Your Guests With Just One Click

By: marysmith

Humans are social beings who love their gatherings, no matter what part of the world you live in. Social occasions are merry, interactive, and a great way to catch up with your loved ones. Since the dawn of time, social events have remained somewhat the same, with invitations being the single thing continually changing.

As the world is progressing, technology is making its way into our daily lives and habits. The same is true with our social events, how we celebrate them, and how we invite our guests. The traditional invitation card trend faded with people using social media platforms for inviting their guests.

Now, even social media invitations seem to be replaced by video invitations, as the trend catches throughout the globe. People have entirely ditched the once normal way of invitation, and have switched to a more digital approach.

The shift is understandable, seeing how the world seems to be obsessed with videos. However, video invitations propose even more benefits, such as eco-friendliness, cost minimization, and sheer shareability.

Video invitations beat the standard ways in every way, so everyone seems to prefer the approach. So, now that you got the basic gist of it, you must want to try one out. But how are they made? What equipment do they require? And what exactly do they contain?

Given below are a few pointers you need to know about video invitations in 2020:

Things to Remember While Making a Video Invitation

Make the Occasion Setting Clear

Your invitation needs to establish a clear picture of what the occasion will feel like. It may be a birthday celebration, a bachelor bash, or a farewell ceremony; the invitation must convey the feelings.

Use an Elegant Background

Ensure that your video background bodes well with the occasion’s theme. Plain background for a party invitation or a vibrant one for a funeral will bug the guests. Therefore, you need to pick the ideal background that does not stand out from the rest of the settings.

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Do not Overextend the Video

Make sure that the video is concise and not extended unnecessarily. Doing so can easily ruin your guests’ mood, and they will most likely skip the video altogether. This beats the entire idea of you making a video, so ensure that the video is not too long.

Remember to Provide the Necessary Details

Always remember to provide necessary details like the venue, purpose, date, and time. A video invitation without such information would not be an invitation, so make sure you include the correct information within the video.

How to Make a Video Invitation

Making a video invitation is a straightforward task, but you need to make some preparations first. Your initial step should be downloading a free invitation maker online to prepare the video. You can also make use of app promo video maker free if you wish.

After that, you merely need to:

Select the Photos and Videos

You need to pick the images and clips you are going to use in your invitation. The images need to compliment the occasion, and you can even use an old photo if it suits the event.

For example, using old photos of your friend circle makes sense in a reunion or graduation.

Include a Clip of the Guest of Honor

Like the previous step, you can add a clip of the guest of honor. It may be a birthday, a retirement bash, or a wedding; you can surely find some relevant clips for the same. The celebration is about congratulating them, so it makes sense to show them a little attention.

Provide Texts to Invite the Guests

Now provide some text like “Join us in the celebrations” or “You are invited” and proceed with the event’s title like “Jerry’s 10th Birthday.”

Now fill in other details like venue, date, and time. Nobody wants guests on wrong nights, do they?

Wrap it Up

You can end the video with something to make the guests smile. This can be a funny clip or photo, like a race gone wrong or your kid acting cute in the camera. Wrap it up with a smile, and you are good to go.

Best Video Invitation Ideas in 2020

The “Story” Video

The idea fits perfectly for a marriage anniversary as it lets you depict some of your most loved memories. You can prepare a slideshow showing how you guys changed through the years, and how your relationship grew with time.

The “Cultural” Treat

You can use the video idea if the event involves cultural festivals or celebrations. You can highlight the most prestigious ceremonies of your culture to grab the guests’ attention. This way, you can make people aware about your culture while also ensuring a significant and meaningful gathering for the event.

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The Simple “Save The Date”

You can use the format for a quick reminder to your close friends that your wedding/anniversary/birthday is approaching shortly. You can add 2-3 photos of you as a couple, and proceed to provide the necessary event details.

The “Shared Hobby” Theme

If your partner or to-be partner shares a similar hobby with you, you can also utilize it in the invitation. It may be your favorite sports, game, web series, or activity you guys prefer. Doing so will add a hint of personal touch while also serving the purpose of an invitation.

The “Stop-Motion”

The idea can be used if you possess some video-editing skills as it may require some work. You can take help from others to film some objects or even yourself in stop motion. Then use the same to prepare a striking video to impress as well as invite your guests.


Video invitation has become a prevalent trend in 2020, so it is only viable you would also like to try it out. Doing so is not a humongous task, but there are some things you need to remember while shooting a video invitation.

The blog contains critical information regarding video invitation, including its making process and some fresh DIY ideas. Now that you know a good deal on the subject, you are ready to prepare one for your upcoming event.

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