How do Shift Management and Tracker Software work?

How do Shift Management and Tracker Software work?

By: marysmith

Shift management is an essential component for any association to optimise team and resources. It assures that the right blend of supervisors and staff are working simultaneously, resulting in exceptional service standards and maximising the production. Shift management software is used heavily in numerous industries like hotels, call centres, hospitals, factories where managing shifts of staff members is always an actual challenging task. Nowadays apart from the time management software, An integrated HR and Payroll Software is also very beneficial to businesses to manage employee data easily.

With employee Shift Scheduling software, the manager is able to organise shifts of an employee for a whole month or may even change the pre-scheduled shift to another shift for a certain date. This facility gives flexibility to managers in building and managing shift schedules.

Characteristics of a good shift Management Software

A flexible shift handover and shift tracker app will always provide facilities required by the managers and keep each employee updated about their shift schedule.

It alleviates the conflicts and headaches of everyday shift management procedure.

The shift scheduling module in Timelabs helps managers to organise and manage shift records easily by giving facility to import the record from an excel file that can be then manually edited online in the system.

Shift management software allows Scheduling to be also done for an individual employee for a single day. It will also update the monthly shift schedule for the respective employee.

Working of the shift Management Software

Easy clock-in and clock-out

The shift tracker lets employees have the option to easily clock-in and clock-out, start and end shift breaks. The efficient employee scheduling and time tracker apps in the market have made their facilities easy and simple to use. The user need to simply open the menu bar and select the clock action they want to take. Everything can be done in a few seconds, so the employees would not be stuck looking at their cell phones rather than managing the customers with the help of a floating clock menu.

Cross-shift with ease

The promising employees are those who are cross-trained. But for managers, keeping a grip on the schedules and time cards of employees who switch roles multiple times in a day can be a huge headache. The employee management software and shift handover software have provided tracking facilities in the system. Now, when a worker is switching from one job role to another or from one department to the another, they can simply select the new stance from the given menu in the shift tracker app.

 How do Shift Management and Tracker Software work?

Break Management

The employee time tracker apps allow workers to take breaks, right from their smartphones without disturbing their shifts. The app consists of a clock menu with buttons to record the real-time an employee clicks on the clock button to start his break while still being in his shift. When an employee’s break is over, they can simply open the clock menu and tap the button again to end the break and get back on the same shift.

There is no limited number of breaks that an employee can take during a shift, which makes it an ideal feature for companies with multiple break policies.The employee time tracker app is designed to eliminate the confusion and stress of attendance and time tracking for both managers and workers alike. It lets workers get in and out of their respective shifts as quickly as possible.

Fairer and Transparent Distribution of shifts

As shift management tools let the supervisor to collect quality data of the current shift which is to be transferred to the next set of workers, the chances of errors or repetition of the similar work is almost zero.

Every worker is assigned for their respective role and time-frame.

It has become possible due to introduction of the shift management software, as before if any error occurred in the Scheduling, the low-grade employees had to work extra hours to fix the errors, which effected their healthy routine and efficiency of the job. The shift management tools keep the information regarding shift distribution secured in the digital system. These data are easily accessible too.

Operate Multiple Branches

The shift tracker app allows managers to supervise the functions of different Branches at once. All the employees are updated in real-time with the help of an electronic media.

A good internet connection is required for the proper functioning of the software, as continuous transfer and updates are performed in the plants.


In conclusion, modern shift management apps and tools are boon for the firms and other industry verticals. The workings of the software are less complicated and more efficient.

If big firms want to save a significant amount of time without compromising production rates, they should definitely make use of shift handover, shift tracker, and shift management tools. Also, it’s a big boon for low-grade workers in the industry.

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