Health Bill and How it Would Affect You

By: marysmith

When you are a success ORM Agency, you are always looking to see what news stories appear next and who’s reputation you will have to tackle. There are many shocking news stories that these agencies see on a daily basis and it is ultimately their call if they want to work with a company or individual that needs a reputation repair. The Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan group is apparently set to release an estimate as early as today on the potential economic impact of a health care bill that is going through the Republican-controlled Senate. There has been new cuts to Medicaid include in the Senate version called the Better Care Reconciliation Act which is an even more devastating analysis that will eventually come to people’s attention.

This bill is basically allowing any insurers to be able to charge older enrollees up to five times the premiums of younger ones magic mushrooms dispensary and they are also tightening the eligibility requirements for federal subsidies. What this means for the United States is that a 60-year-old person in Alaska would pay nearly $9,000 more a year for coverage which is a 253 per cent increase due to this health bill.

This CBO score could show Senate bill leaving about 22 million individuals without insurance. The White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has a solution for these 22 million individuals, which is to get a job that provides health insurance if you lose coverage. This is a huge problem for the citizens of the United States since not everyone can simply find a job that pays for health insurance and those jobs that do, will already be full since people will not want to quit their jobs now due to this recent bill. The best solution would be for all companies now to offer their employees health insurance so that they don’t have a bunch of employees quitting their jobs due to this vast issue across the U.S.

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