Connect With Your Family With Family Orbit

By: marysmith

If you are looking for a social networking app where you can communicate with your family privately, then Family Orbit is the best iPhone Monitoring App for you. This mobile app allows parents to connect with their family, and ensure kids’ safety on their phones. It also enables the parents to stay in touch with the family 24 hours a day.

Family Orbit ensures the Safety of Children

Family Orbit offers a variety of perks which family members can fully enjoy which ensure the safety of children. To begin with, the family locator allows members to locate each other at any time using its real-time tracker. This is beneficial to parents when their kids are away from home, or if they are on a field trip or special event which requires traveling. This is also beneficial to parents to track their kids down, especially if they are not responding to calls.

Parents may also avail of the phone tracker feature which allows them to track on their kids’ messages and calls, ensuring their safety from scammers and strangers that randomly message them. This would be a great feature for parents to know that their kids are not involved conversations beyond their age. Furthermore, parents may also be able to view the photos the kids took or saved from their phone. This is a great perk to keep kids’ phone galleries from any unwanted content. Moreover, parents can also keep track on the mobile internet history of their kids’ phones. This would ensure that their children are not searching and indecent searches.

Other Cool Feature of Family Orbit

Aside from making sure the kids are safe, the app also features a variety of perks which the family may need in times of necessity. Through the family network perk, anyone may send a photo to everyone’s phone. With its private messenger feature, members may talk to anyone in the family privately.

The app also enables family members to receive a notification when anyone checks in on a location. Rather than texting the kid where he is, opening this app will guarantee parents where their child is immediately. Parents may also create virtual geo fences to notify them if their kids are already approaching home. Kids, in turn, may use the app should they need to be picked up or during emergency situations.

An app that is easy to navigate, get connected with your family and ensure the family’s safety. Family Orbit is available on App Store and Google Play.

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