How does the Future of Pokemon Go Look Like?

By: Aiza Gill

Pokemon Go proved to be more than what people expected. From false panic, religious objections to lawsuits, the game developer, Niantic had seen it all in the course of one year. As such, the game was an instant people-pleaser. However, the center stage did come at a cost. Pokemon Go proved that runaway smash success always comes with its share of problems. It’s a social game that showed the world how tech could dominate a person’s everyday life.

The nature of the game requires players to be glued to their phones and get out in public amongst each other. The game starts from one’s bedroom and takes the player to every neighborhood premise out there. The game literally shapes up a player’s experience of physical space. When a rare Pokemon appears out of nowhere, the word spreads like wildfire and a host of players quickly populate the area. An otherwise quiet location can turn into a crowded territory in just about no time.

Pokemon Success USP

The low barrier entry to play combined with the fact that the game is free-to-play proved to be a great plus point for the game. Not to forget the fact that the game encourages and rewards constant social engagement. The Pokemon characters pop up literally everywhere, whether you are at home, workplace, or just wandering around the neighborhood streets. Basically, the mechanics of the game has been well received by the masses. Hence, the game is showing no signs of slowing down. Some users also buy Pokemon Go accounts to get a quick head-start to their gaming journey.

Agreed, the monumental success did see a bit of a fall. However, the dip also grossed a lot of revenue for the company. By some estimates, the company grossed a jaw-dropping $40 million in the first week itself. The numbers have dropped from there to $20 million dollars and in some months it also fell to $5million. So, it’s hard to predict the future of Pokemon Go solely based on the numbers here because it has been quite inconsistent. Frankly speaking, the revenue numbers were pretty much scattered for the most part. In certain months, it was a monumental success and some months saw drastic falls.

All Eyes on the Future

Let’s not forget the fact that Pokemon Go is a part game and part location-based experience. With such an incredible fan base and a surprisingly unique social concept that has seen phenomenal user engagement across the globe, Pokemon Go appears to be the Facebook of the gaming world. As we all know, Facebook has been going strong ever since its inception despite all the obstacles along the way. Can we expect Pokemon Go to be more than just a running fad? Judging by the raving fan base, the answer could be an optimistic yes.

The fact that the game is firmly centered towards real user engagement, it’s hard to predict the future of Pokemon Go. Moreover, Pokemon Go does have a long way to go from here to be the next Facebook of the gaming world. While the game has progressed quite a bit over time, it does encounter occasional server issues. Retaining interest of the users is the key over here. If the app is frequently updated with new features, then there is a good chance that the game will enjoy a successful ride for years to come.

Buy Pokemon Go accounts

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