Essential Ways to Doing Local SEO for Your Small Business

By: marysmith

SEO strategies innovate and change over time. But for any business with the targeted local audience, local SEO never goes out of fashion. In fact, local SEO is one of the best strategies you can implement for your business to drive in more organic traffic, increase engagement, improve conversion and make more sales. And in an area as vast as New York, it is crucial deploy the best local SEO strategies to stay on top, not just of the search results, but of the competition as well.

Whether you’re performing SEO or hiring the services of a local SEO NYC company, here are the best ways to boosting your small business’ presence in NYC.

Utilize Local Tags and Titles

Search results display the title and Meta tags first. This is where your website makes the first impression and when a potential customer decides to click. Writing the title and description is an art form: it should be concise but complete, carrying all the vital information that a user needs to know. Additionally, it is crucial to use targeted keywords in both as well as use the local target area to draw in more audience from your immediate community.  

Get Your Business into Local Listings

Think of online listings as the digital version of the yellow pages. People usually go through local listings to find the products and services they need in the local area and being visible on these platforms significantly boosts your business’ online presence as well.

Invest in High-Quality Links

Some business owners rely on their own crafted content to establish authority, but having high-quality links across your content makes your business more credible in the industry. To generate such links, you can network with a university or local organization where you can speak or demonstrate your reputation and business’ helpfulness. High-quality supplemental links can also come from articles you publish in reputable publications. When you link and get linked back to authoritative sources, your business image also mirrors that reputation and credibility.

Establish Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a huge directory which helps local businesses to achieve even better visibility online. Fortunately, getting into Google My Business comes no expense. However, you do need to go through a business validation process. After which, you can take advantage of the platform to optimize your business through current high-quality photos, description, payment methods and other pertinent information. Your business can gain incredible reach and exposure in the local area through GMB. It is also wise to establish your business presence at Bing for Business Places as well.   

Local SEO can be tricky and meticulous at first, especially if you’re doing this for the first time, but through more research, practice, and implementation, you’ll find that this is one of the best SEO strategies you’ll ever use for your small business. If that sounds a lot like a chore to you, you can always invest in professional SEO services so you can focus on other important matters of your business.

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