6 Key Photography Editing Tips the Pros Won’t Tell You

6 Key Photography Editing Tips the Pros Won’t Tell You

By: marysmith

Photography editing can be rough. That’s especially true when you’re first starting out, and don’t know the ropes just yet.

Read on for our top tips on how to edit photos like a pro.

Understanding Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things you can understand in photography. The exposure, the white balance, and so much more can play a role in how your photo appears. Luckily, if you neglect the lighting initially, there are still things you can do to salvage the problem.

You can tinker with the exposure on your photo to make it brighter or darker. Altering the black and white settings can help you prevent your photo from becoming overexposed and the colors from becoming too washed out.

Changing the Setting of Your Photo

Reframing your photo can be difficult, but it can totally change how your photo looks. For example, if you’re shooting a portrait shot, switching from a neutral background to a more exciting one, it can completely switch how the audience looks at it.

The same goes for the other way — switching from a busy background to a neutral one can change the focus back to the person you’re trying to highlight. There are lots of different ways you can work on removing background from image details.

Use The Presets

No matter what photo editing software you choose, it should include some presets that you can use. These can be super useful when you’re first starting out, so that you can start to see what layers and settings help make different images look better.

Some presets may exaggerate the colors, or balance some colors out over others.

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Save, Save, Save

Unfortunately, many photo editing softwares have a tendency to crash. That’s why it’s important to always, always, always back up your files as much as possible.

Save files within the program. Make duplicates of your files in case of corruption, and export your edits between sessions so that you always keep your new creations.

Use RAW Files

When you’re shooting your photos, try and shoot in both RAW and JPG format. RAW files contain much more information and metadata, which means you have much more room to edit and make changes. This will help you create the best photos that you can.

This is particularly helpful if you’re using your phone to shoot, since your phone has a smaller range it can capture than if you’re using a DSLR or another type of professional camera.

Use the Brushes To Full Effect

The brushes you can use in different photo editing programs can help you totally transform your images. That’s why learning how to use the brushes is one of the most important photo editing tips you can learn.

Some of the brushes that your program may have include dodge and burn, spot healing, watercolors, splash brushes, and many others.

Start Photography Editing Today

Now that you know our top photography editing tips, your photos will look amazing in no time.

If you need more photography and design tips, we can help you out. Check out some of our other top articles today.

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