Why Is Coding Important for Kids in This Digital Age?

By: marysmith

The future of our world is technology. There are no second thoughts regarding this notion. And this is why getting acquainted and knowing the basics of technology has become imperative for us.

Today, we witness every aspect of our life gradually changing. Your camera? Now a digital cam. Your phone? Now in your pocket. Your credit cards? Look into smart-pay options. Everything that we do is now under scrutiny for the potential to be computerized or shifted to the virtual world. In due course, we will be living in a wholly technologized world. And it may not be wrong to say that we are at the start of that era.

Education is a process whereby we prepare and enrich our children with the knowledge and skills they may require leading a wholesome life and build a thriving career. However, this process must align with the needs of the present and future times. Kids today need to learn so much more than we had to back then. We are preparing them for a different, extremely computerized world, which is why we believe they must also feel acquainted with technological coding.

It is okay to wonder why a complicated thing such as coding may do any good in grooming our children. But before you build a conclusion, hear us out. Below we have a list of some convincing reasons why we believe it is essential for all children in this digital age to learn the computer language, i.e., coding.

It Will Help Your Kids Learn Resilience

Yes, it is true. Whatever our kids learn has so much more to do with just the technical aspect of it. Coding can help your child develop resilience and not give up when one solution does not solve a problem. Now, how does this work? If you know something about computer programming, it involves a lot of debugging and trial and error to make a program functional.

You may also encounter several roadblocks while achieving your objective through the code. If you let your kids work with this trial and error approach and let them find their way through, they learn to become resilient in real life. It is an essential life-skill since life problems are never really solved in one go. Your child will learn to keep trying and never give up easily.

It Will Help Your Children Explore Their Creative Side

Up till now, creativity for you may only be about arts and crafts. But remember, we need creativity for everything. Having a creative mind means using imagination and ideas to build something innovative and inventive. The future is all about technological innovations, which is why children can benefit so much by having a creative mind.

But how does coding brush up one’s creative ability? Children today from a very young age get familiar with mobile apps, digital games, and whatnot. They are already well-versed in the technological products they love and how they would wish to improve them. They know the experience, which is why they are in a great position to develop and create. If you give them the means to create, such as coding for kids, they can tap into their creative side and develop unique ideas. Add it to the fact that children are born with a flair to search for the unique and think differently; coding may help your child create wonders.

It Will Boost Your Kid’s Academic Performance

Coding is a mix of several different subjects and can help enhance your child’s academic abilities. For example, coding can help make your kids better at mathematics. Since math is also about logic and steps to reach a conclusion based on that logic, coding can improve your child’s math skills. Moreover, coding may even enhance your child’s writing ability. Since coding is a language, they know how to make a flow and make that flow functional. And this also helps them with their writing abilities.

It Will Build Self-Confidence

Once your children grow up and kick-start their careers, having the know-how of their environment can give them immense self-confidence. Even today, our workplaces are full of gadgets and computers. The future is all about technology. And this is why giving your children enough knowledge to work around technology can make them feel self-assured and secure.

Besides, effective managers and leaders have a basic understanding of each subject. This well-rounded knowledge is what makes them gain a well-informed perspective at work and make better choices.

It Will Enhance Their Communication Skills

Communication skill is a sought after ability in today’s world. People who can effectively communicate can function well within teams and at workplaces or educational institutes. They are better at receiving information and are also good at clearly putting their views. Over the years, many things have evolved. Today, the standards have massively changed. And it also includes the criteria of people viewing someone as successful and smart.

Coding is the language of computers; however, it is still a language. Learning a new language involves understanding the basic rules and how to merge them to convey a message. Likewise, coding also involves understanding the basics and then integrating them to create commands and computer programs.

It Will Prepare Them for The Future

It is, by far, the most critical factor. Like we discussed before, the age ahead is all about technology. Progressively, we see the digital world unfold in front of us, and we are all happily saying goodbye to our slow and manual world of the past. Our children will grow up in this rapidly evolving digital age. It is our job to ensure that they have the necessary skills and abilities to survive in such a world. Giving our children knowledge regarding coding and computer programming will provide them with a solid base to survive in their world ahead. It will make sure that they are fit for this advanced world.


The digital age requires individuals to possess some very unique and diverse range of skills to survive successfully. Coding is one such expertise that gives individuals an understanding of how information technology works. However, children are also easily acquirable by these skills, and it is best if kids get familiar with coding from a young age. If they get acquainted with computer language from the start, they can better grasp it and become skilled in no time.

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