Top 5 Digital Clinic Management System 2020

Top 5 Digital Clinic Management System 2020

By: marysmith

Managing appointments of individual patients, taking care of doctors availability, monitoring the revenues collected within a day and making sure that the entire clinic is running in profit, is a tough job to accomplish. Stressed-out staff and unhappy patients can hamper the reputation of your clinic business. That is when a digital clinic management system comes into rescue, helping you to manage the entire business in a seamless manner over the web. From offering self-service to individual patients and doctors, sending on-time reminders, generating e-prescriptions and complete medical records to managing inventory stocks and revenues collected on a daily basis your dedicated staff can handle them all. Moreover, you can also manage a chain of clinics from a single interface facilitating easy sharing of patients records and doctors schedule in real-time.

5 Digital Clinic Management System In 2020

In modern times technology has marked its advancements in all fields. The entire healthcare system has witnessed a 360-degree change within the service. Digital clinic management system is also a part of the change, over the years it has made a permanent standpoint of its own. There is a wide variety of software available in the market, we have curated a list of top five out of them.

1. Digihealth E-Clinic

Digihealth e-clinic is a cloud-based clinic management software which facilitates easy scheduling of doctors and patient’s appointments, reports, prescriptions, medical billing and inventories. All data stored within the software’s database are protected with 256-bit encryption, ensuring proper safety and security. The admin panel offered by Digihealth e-clinic comes with an individual dashboard, facilitating easy management of OPD, payroll, inventory, accounts, lab. They can also schedule tasks to individual staff and notify them via SMS. The staffs or managers can monitor the appointments of an individual doctor and their patients scheduled for the day. They can also send in reminders to individual patients or offer relevant assistance via chats from the staff panel. Doctors associated with the clinic can log into their individual panel and get access to detailed records of an individual patient with ease. They can also manage their dates using the inbuilt calendar.

2. Arcis OPD+

Arcis OPD+ is an advanced clinic management software helping out the dispensary clinics, OPD clinics, consulting doctor clinics and general practitioners with their day to day functioning. The software features a wide variety of separate modules like reception desk, certificates, OPD, account, administration and more facilitating easy management within the entire organisation. Moreover, Arcis OPD+ is available in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi language, making it easy for the staff in managing patients associated with their clinic. It comes with ready to use certificate formats and predefined set of master data, allowing staff to make patient-related entries in real-time. The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions and can be operated in LAN setup. Further, the CRM SMS feature of Arcis OPD+ allows clinics to send appointment-related reminders to patients in real-time.

3. Pulse Digital Clinic

Pulse Digital Clinic is an intuitive clinic management software trusted by 2000+ doctors for streamlining their daily practice. The software acts as a one-stop solution for the clinics, helping them in managing their website, Facebook page, digital payment services, appointments, prescriptions and medical details of individual patients, inventories etc with ease. Managers can maintain a detailed schedule for individual doctors using the appointment calendar embedded within the software. Moreover, they can also send on-time reminders to individual patients, via the automated SMS feature offered by Pulse Digital Clinic. All patient-related data are stored in a safe and secured manner within the software’s database. Further, the software also offers a wide variety of digital tools which can be used to monitor the overall performance of the clinic and take necessary steps in real-time.

4. MocDoc Clinic Management System

MocDoC Clinic Management System facilitates easy monitoring of patients, speciality case sheets, SMS/ email notifications along with complete billing and accounts. The software features an advanced appointment manager of its own, also equipped with a multi-view calendar for the clinic’s staff, doctors and regular patients. The dashboard offered by MocDoc Clinic Management Software showcases the daily revenues, stocks within the inventory and pharmacy. Admins or supervisors can also monitor the overall functioning of separate departments from the particular screen. Moreover, clinics can also manage their billing-related tasks like the creation of invoices before and after consultation, settle dues, offer discounts and more within the same system.

5. Athenahealth

Athenahealth is a web-based electronic health record management software, suitable for small clinics and large healthcare systems. The software features an intuitive documentation system, where all patient-related documents are attached to the right patient’s file in an automated manner,  the staff only need to upload their individual photo. Further, Athenahealth comes with a mobile app of its own, facilitating easy management and monitoring of doctor’s schedule, appointments of an individual patient along with their full medical report in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, clinics can also share their patient’s data with external organisations in case of emergencies.

Final Words

Managing your clinical business using digital clinic management systems offers an unparalleled opportunity to boost up the entire business. It will not only facilitate easy management increasing your revenues but will also help you in streamlining hassle-free communication with your patients, enhancing their trust in the healthcare services you provide. Here’s hoping that the systems mentioned in the article were helpful and you finally made up your mind regarding one.

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