Enterprise Architecture

Benefits Of Enterprise Architecture

By: Aiza Gill

The benefits of EA (enterprise architecture) to organizations are many, providing a bird’s eye view of the business structure and systems, this makes it an indispensable part in managing the complexities of data-driven businesses.

What Is Enterprise Architecture,And Why Do You Need It?

Take any business, and it has many parts like processes, products, people, data, technology and many more, all these pars have to come together and work in tandem to create and deliver value so that the customer buys whatever the business is selling. The way you understand how these parts fit together or helping you understand how all these parts work together is the reason why you need enterprise architecture. It is the map of IT assets and business processes and the governing principles for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses by identifying and analyzing change towards desired business vision and outcomes.

What Are The Benefits Of Ea?

  • It would help if you navigated through all the complexities of running a business in today’s ever-changing and competing market. When you have a planned and organized approach towards your work, it allows you to assess complexities in the business environment and take full control of your assets.
  • There is various enterprise architecture tool that is available in the market that can be used to make this process more comfortable by offering a wide range of modelling techniques for effective collaboration along with the ability to transform themselves digitally.
  • It reduces the complexities by streamlining the core working of your organization. We cannot deny the fact that most businesses are more complex than a fishing line tangled due to bad waves. Having an enterprise architecture company like BlueDolphin encourages you to adopt a proactive and outcome-focused approach.
  • EA begins with an understanding of the business processes that the system needs to support and bring the IT in closer alignment with the business goals. This is amongst the top reasons that persuade organizations to invest in Enterprise Architecture.
  • It gives the decision-makers of an organization access to high-quality information. It is important as this is one of the most crucial factors deciding the accuracy of the decisions taken towards the growth and progress of any organization.
  • It assists in achieving targets by acting as the bridge between defining a strategy and its implementation, helping you reach your future goals from your current state.
  • It adds the much-needed dimension of transparency to strategy implementations.

Enterprise Architecture

Key Takeaway.

Enterprise Architecture helps organizations in increasing the productivity hence resulting in growth in revenue and cost reduction and efficiency, by bringing together different parts of a business. It is necessary to keep a hold on the market that is growing at an unprecedented rate and also to keep up with the rapid development in technologies. It is the blueprint that acts as the map of the structure of your business considering and aligning data, tech, security and various other factors of a company to support the strategic outcomes.

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