Top iPhone Scanner Apps With Free Usage

Top iPhone Scanner Apps With Free Usage

By: marysmith

The necessity to scan documents didn’t go anywhere with the invention of advanced technologies. On the contrary, students, business owners, professors, and even housewives need to do docs scan all the time for all possible purposes. It is required to share information with partners, scan books, bills, save contracts, etc.

Thanks to different innovations, we do not need to buy and use large scanning machines anymore. Everything is much easier and you can have a  scanner for iPad or your phone. Life on the go makes technologies adjust. The developers took care of us and now, we can use a simple mobile app to scan the paper we need. See the selection of the best docs scan that will make your life and work much easier.

1. PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs, ID

A Scanner App is something that will boost your productivity. It is a very helpful tool to scan document with phone of any type of documents or photos you need. You can upload it on the App Store. Business owners, employees, and even students will find it very useful. You can quickly process and save the necessary documents with its help. By using just an iPhone, you can create the whole office right in your pocket.

The app allows you to:

  • Scan quickly;
  • Convert and recognize texts;
  • Use object ruler and counter;
  • Manage your files;
  • Share documents;
  • Store documents safely.

Processing and converting all documents to the desired formats is easy. You can convert them to TXT, JPEG, and PDF. If you need to scan IDs, bills, passports, etc., do it instantly with your iPhone. The process doesn’t take more than a minute.

The processing mode allows you to scan DQuality. Don’t think that if you are not using a scanning machine, you will not receive the desired quality. Advanced technology produces the highest quality. You will be happy with the perspective correction and color. You can even scan many pages and join them in a single document.

Converting the scanned images into text takes just seconds. There is no need to rewrite your text anymore. Just choose any part of an image and convert it into a text format. Thanks to OCR, you extract any piece of your text quickly and effectively. You can edit the extracted sample of text by using your settings, i.e. sizes, fonts, colors, etc.

How can I scan? This question should not bother you anymore because using your phone camera,  you can even measure and calculate the total room area, as well as measure the length of any object. All folders and other features are available and easy to manage. Change view models and file names easily.

Once a file is processed or received, you can share them using the same app. If you have a Wi-Fi printer, you may print the document. However, you may just send it via email instantly. Easily get quick access to free storage. Can I scan for my iPhone safely? Many people ask this question and yes, you can. No third parties are guaranteed to access your documents.

Unlike lots of other iPhone scanners, this one provides extra features to make your experience more secure, for instance, e-signature, PIN codes, watermarks, and Face ID.

2. Scanbot Pro

This app provides quite a good quality and text recognition, a simple interface, and sharing features. You can scan and crop any document. You can also correct any geometric distortions and apply useful PDF markup features.

The app also preserves your privacy and copyrights. This means that your documents won’t be transmitted to Scanbot Pro’s servers, which ensures your safety from hackers. In addition, the app will not perform optical character recognition in the cloud.

You’ll get plenty of filter options that you can use to edit your scanned document, as well as editing tools like auto-crop, rotate, and file naming. What’s more, you’ll get a special multi-page scanning mode, it will automatically capture your documents, as well as automatic text recognition in 60 languages. The app can be installed from the App Store, as well.

3. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a solid smartphone scanning app. It doesn’t have the same capabilities as some of the others but it will work well with some documents. Adobe Scan is easy to use and allows users to get crisp, clean scans of documents in PDF format. The app also supports text recognition, which means you can perform tasks such as creating new contacts from business cards.

The app can be downloaded and used for free, but for $9.99 per month you can purchase additional premium features, including the ability to take multiple scans and combine them into one document, and to export PDFs to Word or Powerpoint.

4. Microsoft Lens

Users of the Microsoft productivity suite will like Microsoft Office Lens. It offers the tightest integration with Microsoft Office, making it a good choice for those who use this suite of applications frequently. The app offers a simple interface that focuses on ease of use.

Convenient export options allow users to create PowerPoint or Word documents from their scans. In addition, the app has advanced text recognition. It is free to download and use, but you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to unlock some of the tighter integrations, including syncing and exporting to OneDrive.

5. SwiftScan

SwiftScan is a good app but it lacks some of the features other apps on the list possess. It has arrangement features such as smart file naming, syncing to iCloud, and custom folders. The scanning quality is good, as well as optical text recognition. If you’re scanning a lot of physical documents, this app could be a good choice.

To use the full set of features, you’ll have to pay $5.99 per month or $34.99 per year for a premium subscription, which includes some of the aforementioned features as well as encryption and automatic syncing to various cloud platforms.

6. Notes

This app is pre-installed on each iPhone, and one of its great advantages is that you can use it to scan documents. It is quite easy to use on an iPhone. Just open it and you can scan whatever you need to. Now tap on a new note and tap the “+” icon and then “Scan Documents”.

You can scan multi-page documents, make some corrections and even add your signature to a document. A small drawback is that the scanning limit is currently 24 pages. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it to scan large documents. However, taking into account it is free to use and you do not need to install it additionally, it is quite helpful.

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