Five Apps to Reach Every Goal in Life

Five Apps to Reach Every Goal in Life

By: marysmith

Do you know that mobile applications are available for almost any task you need to do to become a successful and balanced person? Is there an app for smart goals? Yes. How do you track your goals in life? There’s an app for that. Managing your mental and physical health with an app — yes, why not.

In this article, we have listed the five best apps that are going to help you become a better person in your life. With these apps on your phone, you will be geared for success and will be able to maintain a balance in your life.

How Do You Track Your Goals in Life?

The best way to track your goals in life is by dividing a big goal into smaller ones.

For example, if you want to wake up early, you can start waking 30 minutes earlier each day before achieving your desired mark. Further, it can include short goals of setting up an alarm, waking up without hitting a snooze button, and successfully performing the activities you are into while waking up early.

Similarly, build up small good habits and try to improve your track records each day. Use whiteboards and sticky notes to help you remind and set cues for building a habit. Install a personal progress app that can track and help you the same.

Five Apps to Help You Become a Successful and Balanced Person

Here are the top five apps that are tried and tested and will help you become a version of yourself in no time. These apps work by blocking, reminding you, and disabling some features to help you stay on track.

Let’s see what they are and a brief discussion about them:

1. Toodledo – for Saving Your Time

Despite the bizarre name, the Toodledo app has almost everything you need to achieve your goals. With customizable features and flexibility, this app is suitable to meet your needs.

From projects to lifetime achievement goals, you can create anything with this application to achieve them within a short period. It has a built-in that allows you to set goals based on time and maintain the tasks regularly with constant reminders.

2. VPN – to Stay Secure, Anonymous, and Free on The Internet

It’s hard to imagine today’s life without the Internet. But the Internet is a jungle with numerous predators who are ready to hack you and use your data for profit.

The solution? Use a VPN. It stands for Virtual Private Network and works by transmitting your data through a secured channel on the Internet. Consequently, you enjoy anonymity and a safer Internet browsing experience.

Further, since most professional VPN apps use encryption, there’s a reduced risk of cyber attacks. You can also download VPN for Turkey on an iPhone and iPad, along with Android devices. VeePN does not track, collect, or share any personal information. Session information, traffic data, and session details are not saved when using this software.

3. Strides – to Create Good Habits

Strides is one of the best applications available in the market that focuses on improving your daily habits and creating new ones. It is well-known in personal space that habits play an essential role in achieving your goals.

All you need to do is select a goal and place your restrictions on it along with the time and rules. The application also offers ideas on what you can do to make your thoughts a regular habit to achieve the goal.

With a customizable dashboard and flexible options, you can control various aspects of the app and become efficient in your tussle. You can download this app for both the iOS and Android platforms. Nonetheless, it has a web app as well.

4. Goals on Track — to Achieve Goals SMART-ly

The Goals on Track application is a goal setting app that helps you achieve your goals by focusing on commitments. It provides an advanced framework with SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) Technology that you can access through mobile applications and websites.

It allows you to plan your goals carefully with the smaller goals. So, you can concentrate on one small goal at a time to reach the final goal in the end. This application also offers space to express your experiences in the goal attainment section.

5. – to enjoy life and learn from others is a leading application that provides the best interface to track your habits and achieve your goals. This application allows you to connect with many people in similar situations.

You can chat with coaches and ask questions to understand their perspectives and ideas. This app gives a sense of motivation for you to achieve your goal.


Sharing your achievements with them can be a source of encouragement for your future successes. It also provides a unique feature of hiring an actual coach with a premium paid service.

If you are looking forward to achieving life goals, these apps will be a better way to start and move forward. But remember, these apps are not the holy grail. And you need to understand that there’s a life outside your phone. Don’t forget to learn real-life and practical lessons from real people.

Track your progress regularly and reward yourself with small gifts when you achieve goals. Whether it is a short or long-term goal, the reward is essential to move forward and feel relaxed with these goal-setting apps.

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