Top 8 Sports From Around The World

Top 8 Sports From Around The World

By: marysmith

Sports have been an integral part of the human condition since the beginning of civilization. Countless types of different sports are played all over the globe and a list noting just eight of them is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are eight of the most popular sports played and watched all around the world.

Football (soccer)

Association football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world. It has an estimated following of over 4 billion people and is played in the majority of countries, with some of the standout countries for talented players being Brazil, England, Germany and Spain. The relative ease of learning the skills and rules of the game has lent it to be as prevalent as it is all over the world.

Formula 1

The F1s are a great sport if you are into the thrill of high-speed car racing and appreciate tactics. The races are held all over the world throughout the year in countries including Australia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Italy and Singapore. There is a certain thrill to attending any of the races and is well worth going to if you are an enthusiast.


Golf has been popular for hundreds of years and is notably played in western countries such as England, the USA and Australia. The best golfers in the world have come out of these countries including Tiger Woods from the USA, Greg Norman from Australia and Nick Faldo from England.

Horse Racing

Horseracing is more of a spectator sport unless you are a jockey but is popular worldwide nonetheless. The USA has the Kentucky Derby, Japan has the Japan Cup, Great Britain has Royal Ascot and Australia has the Melbourne Cup. Whether you are live streaming the Derby or betting on the Melbourne Cup online, there are many ways to enjoy the sport.


Tennis gets its origins from 12th century France where a hand was used to hit a ball to an opponent. Rackets came into use in the 16th century and from there, modern tennis evolved into the popular worldwide sport it is today. Four Grand Slam tournaments occur on the tennis calendar which includes the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the French Open and the US Open.


Sports science becoming more prevalent for athletes - CityNews Kitchener

Though basketball is predominantly a US sport, its popularity around the world cannot be understated. Basketball greats such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are household names in many countries. Like all the sports on this list, it is a game of precision skill and dedication.


Cricket is another very international sport with professional teams in many different countries including England, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Whether it is a one day or test cricket match, cricket lovers around the world enjoy both attending the games as well as watching them on TV via their local sporting channels.


Baseball has a surprising amount of international interest. It is mainly played in the United States but has a strong following in Japan where they have their own league. The game was introduced in Japan in 1872 and professional baseball started there in the 1920s. Although the game is known as ‘America’s national pastime’ it is also popular in countries such as Finland, South Korea and Cuba.

There are plenty more that could be added to this list including some weird and wonderful games, but these are some of the world’s core sports that have a relatively large following.

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