How to Define Scam Telephone Sets of Numbers and Avoid Dangerous Local Codes in 2021

How to Define Scam Telephone Sets of Numbers and Avoid Dangerous Local Codes in 2021

By: marysmith

The technical progress and the appearance of a wide diversity of devices have brought a lot of positives as well as negatives into our lives. A simple telephone conversation seems to be quite secure but, unfortunately, even such a safe thing could be dangerous.

The point is that there is a separate group of scammers who use phone calls as a part of their offense. Such scammers more often use spoofed or masked telephone sets of numbers. It is necessary to remember not to pick up the telephone to keep yourself in safety.

So, it is reasonable to familiarize yourself and your family with the list of area codes not to answer to avoid unpleasant situations in 2021.

Here Is an Enumeration of Sets of Numbers, Which Are Famous as Region-Specific Telephone Codes, Which It Is Necessary to Avoid in The United States:

  • Code 202 refers to Washington D.C.
  • Code 218 refers to Northern Minnesota
  • Code 313 refers to Detroit, MI
  • Code 404 refers to Atlanta, GA
  • Code 484 refers to Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Code 712 refers to Western Iowa
  • Code 713 refers to Houston, TX
  • Code 954 refers to Fort Lauderdale Area

Furthermore, Here Is an Enumeration of International Region-Specific Telephone Codes, Which Are Not Safe for You:

  • Code 242 belongs to Bahamas
  • Code 284 belongs to British Virgin Islands
  • Code 473 belongs to Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique
  • Code 649 belongs to Turks and Caicos
  • Code 664 belongs to Montserrat
  • Code 767 belongs to Dominica
  • Codes 809, 829, and 849 belong to Dominican Republic
  • Code 876 belongs to Jamaica

Phone scammers: 'Give me £1,000 to stop calling you' - BBC News

Why It Is Dangerous to Pick Up the Telephone with Definite Area Codes? 

It is necessary to avoid picking up the telephone when you see the mentioned region phone codes on the screen of your device if you want to protect your personal data and financial details.

Here are examples of frauds, which are provided with the use of special telephone codes:

  • Local telephone codes 218 and 712 are provided for the traffic pumping, which is a technique of an artificial increase of the call volume to cause the growth of charges
  • Local telephone code 321 is provided by robotic calls and spam calling programs
  • Local telephone code 954 is also carried by automatic calls and unconfirmed solicitations

The full list of scams characteristic could be found on the website

In addition, it is necessary to avoid accepting telephone calls from the Caribbean. Such calls are considered to be one-ring scams. These scams are carried with the use of the robocalling mechanism, which is programmed to provide an Internet call, which rings only once. Such a feature explains the name of this telephone fraud.

The essence of this Caribbean fraud is that people think that they have missed an important call, so, it is necessary to call back. However, such a decision could cost from $15 to $30 charged by frauds.

The best way to protect your relatives and yourself from telephone scammers is to block such callers. If you verify a dangerous local code, carry a blocking mechanism of the calling number.

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