Make Sure to Grab These Sports Apps

Make Sure to Grab These Sports Apps

By: marysmith

For lots of people, sport isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. However, if you’re one of these people, then you know that the busyness of day to day life can get in the way of your passion. You might be unable to catch a game because of a work-meeting, or miss breaking transfer news for your favourite team whilst out running essential errands.

However, the fantastic news is, with the constant advancement of technology, you can now load your smartphone with apps that will help you feel connected to the magical world of sport wherever you go. Not to mention all the brilliant apps that can make doing your favoured sporting activity even better.

Here then is a quick look at some of the greatest apps for passionate sports fans.


If you’re a cycling or running enthusiast, then Strava is the app you need on your phone. It is used heavily by everyone, from plodding but keen amateurs, to seasoned pros. The app allows users to track their run or cycle using state-of-the-art GPS technology, which means you get to see exactly the distance you travelled and the time that you completed it in.

One of the features that will really appeal to anyone with a competitive streak, is that you can upload your completed exercises onto Strava’s very own social media. This is a place where you can see other people’s accomplishments and they can see yours, and other users can even give encouraging words on your regime. This results in a real friendly atmosphere of people willing each other on to do better.

Strava is free to download, but users can also pay for a subscription that allows even more data to be inputted and tracked. If this sounds right up your alley, then make sure to read these do’s and dont’s of the app, as reported over at Canadian Running.

The Score

Keeping up with all the latest sports scores can be a monstrous task when you’re out and about. It’s hard to focus on one team’s results, but what if you’re into several teams across many different sports? Well have no fear, as theScore is an amazing app that is here to solve these problems for you.

theScore even allows you to deeply personalize the app, so that it will constantly keep you up to date with all the information needed to keep your finger on the pulse of your beloved sports teams. The sports included on the app are; football, basketball, baseball and hockey. So, you can keep right amongst the action with all the major professional leagues. It also delivers all the scores, data, news and alerts in a quick and aesthetically pleasing way.

You’ll be relieved to hear that the app is free to download to your phone, and that the ads that run on it are not too intrusive. There have been some rumblings about them putting out a premium ad-free option, but that has not come to fruition yet. The app has between four and five million monthly users, which means you’ll be in good company.

If you enjoy not only following your dearest teams, but also betting on results, then Asiabet have got you covered. Their experts have managed to compile a list of all the top online bookmakers for you to use. They also have comprehensive guides to give you all the information needed to make the best choice. Plus, they have all the prime cash-back deals and sign-up offers, which means your money is going that little bit further.

NBA 2K Mobile

If you’re a basketball fan and looking for a great game to while away some time whilst you’re stuck waiting for things, then check out NBA 2K Mobile. The remarkable thing about smartphones is that if you’re a gaming fan, then you have a powerful handheld-gaming device in your pocket. Which means you don’t have to take your laptop with you everywhere. Though if you are on the hunt for a new gaming laptop, then make sure to check out our reviews to select the perfect one, here at 4-Software-Downloads.

The reason NBA 2K Mobile works so well as a smartphone game, is that it is brilliant to play in short bursts. Say you have a five minute journey, you just enter the game, shoot around with your favourite basketball stars, then close it down. The controls are simple to use and the graphics are mind-blowing for the platform. It’s even free to download, so make sure to grab this today and start shooting buckets.

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