Promote Your Brand Efficiently With Video Ad Funnels

Promote Your Brand Efficiently With Video Ad Funnels

By: marysmith

In the world that is gratified by digital exuberance, do you think it is tough to promote your brand economically? As fictitious as it may seem, strategizing effective promotional video funnels without leaving a dent on your pockets is possible. Courtesy the exponential growth of digitalization across the globe, advertising your product through social media platforms is now extremely profitable and cost-effective. Although, your ad campaigns and marketing plans must be backed by steel-strong strategies to stimulate a boost in sales. Here is everything you need to know about Ad Funnels and Video Marketing to leverage your business. 

What is an ad funnel?

An ad funnel is a well-engineered marketing strategy that navigates your potential prospects and customers towards a purchase. It is an effective way of tracking how your online target audience is reacting to your strategies. While you strategize the ads for your brands, it is indispensable that they resonate with consumer behavior and on-going trends. Any kind of promotional tool must either result in an increase in conversion rate or direct sales. With the help of ad funnels, you dig the way for your potential consumers to make a purchase. Thus, it goes without saying that your ad must be intriguing and catchy so that the viewers do not bounce off.

You should use the mobile pop-up shop as a possible source of income. You should be able to build a reasonable level of income with this type of chance in order to avoid rapidly losing money. The only way to determine whether this type of business is a good fit for you is to give it a try. You should not rule it out until you have studied mobile retailing in depth.

Video Ad Funnels

Since decades email advertisements and website enhancement have been dominant ad funnels. However, with the emergence of social media marketing as the strongest tool of promotion, it is safe to say that the tables have turned. This drastic shift in promotional technique has encouraged global brands and businesses to produce more video-content and less static feed since social media and google search engine, both, are adherents of motion content-generation. Make videos for free to circumvent email and website ad funnels and upgrade your promotional techniques to be at par with your competitions. 

Video advertisements are excellent storytelling instruments. By telling your brand’s story, you can increase customer affinity since it is a more personal and substantial mode of communication. 

How to plan an effective ad funnel? 

Advertisements of brands like Nike, Burger King, and Apple go viral almost instantly because they are well-strategized and are pragmatic in nature. It is, therefore, extremely crucial that you establish a storyboard for your video ad and strategize your content after scrutinizing your target audience. High-end production is not an imperative variable when you wish to create reliable content instead of exuberant content. You can make videos for free and promote your brand effectively with the funnel philosophy by simply incorporating strong Call To Action. The Time-stamp is an important element of your ad video. It is the point in the video where you intend on introducing your brand. Your strategy must revolve around how to keep your viewers hooked until the timestamp and the rest of the video.  

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Types of Video Advertisements

There are a hundred video-sharing platforms boasting over a million viewers every day. However, Facebook and YouTube are the top two on the list. The user-friendly and intuitive web interface of these online platforms makes them strong B2C communication tools that can help you boost your sales and enhance brand identity. Although, the two media platforms are diverse in nature and also host extremely different content categories that can broadly be classified as follows:

YouTube Ads: Viral videos and organic views.

With more than half of the global population watching videos on YouTube almost every day, it provides considerable latitude for promoting your brand effectively. Good content on YouTube that connects with the audience on multiple degrees goes viral almost instantly. Along with being a source of entertainment, YouTube is also an excellent knowledge-sharing platform. Make videos for free and provide your prospects with insights into your business while you put your USPs in the media spotlight with the power of storytelling. 

Do It Yourself/ Promo videos: Very popular on the internet, DIY videos are a comprehensive guide for your viewers where you walk them through the diverse usage of your product and increase the accessibility of your brand. Promo videos are visually appealing videos that are mostly fast-paced since you garner a lower bounce rate on short videos. 

Facebook Ads: Community and Conversion-based video ads

Facebook enhances your business by helping you expand your network and build a community. Since the platform is community-driven, the content must resonate with its composition. You must aim at improving your brand identity and increasing customer affinity through ad videos like customer testimonials and influencer videos or spokesperson videos. 

Beauty and cosmetic ads largely constitute User-Generated Content like testimonials because people like to make their purchase through a source that has a face. Similarly, Influencer marketing builds trust in your consumers since a famous affiliation works as your brand’s authentication. 

Strategize creative video ad funnels and make videos for free with various online video editors and animators to stimulate exponential business growth. 

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