Why Do E-Commerce Websites Prefer Cloud Hosting?

By: marysmith

Every website has a different hosting requirement. For example, a blogging site would need different resources as compared to a social media platform. Similarly, e-commerce websites have very specific requirements from their web host. The online marketplace has become highly competitive and running an e-commerce platform is not an easy task. Apart from offering products at highly competitive prices, the latest facilities as offered by the competition, content marketing, brand presence, interacting with existing and new customers on social media, etc., the site owner also has to dedicate some time to ensure that his site is performing up to expectations. This is where a good hosting plan pays its dividends. Services like Cloud Hosting offer a range of features that are perfect for e-commerce platforms. Today, we will talk about why most e-commerce websites prefer Cloud Hosting services.

Instant Management Of Traffic Spikes

As an e-commerce site owner, traffic spikes are not alien to you. Some trends picking up somewhere on a social media platform can suddenly boost the demand for a specific product leading to traffic spikes on your platform. This can be good for business provided your website manages the increased load efficiently. When you buy a hosting plan, you choose the resources required to run the site regularly. While you might want to account for an increase or decrease in traffic, you can’t buy resources for random traffic spikes. However, you also need to manage them right so that you can benefit from the increased number of visitors. Cloud Hosting offers instant resource scalability that can help you manage such spikes with ease.

Data Redundancy

Data is highly valuable for e-commerce websites. It helps them understand customer behavior, offer focused services, and earn better profits. Hence, an e-commerce platform takes the security of its data very seriously. In the case of a virus/malware attack or a hacker trying to gain unauthorized access to the data, the platform needs to ensure that while it is tackling the security threat, the data is safe. Good Cloud Hosting providers typically use redundant storage systems like Ceph that make sure that there is a working copy of your data on the cloud available at all times.

Value For Money

The price of the plan plays a big role in determining hosting services since it is a regular cost. While Cloud Hosting is not the cheapest service available, it certainly is the most cost-efficient. It allows you to start hosting with basic resources and keep adding as the business grows.

Fast-Loading Website

An e-commerce platform has to be fast – period. Imagine going through an e-commerce site where the page is taking too long to load. What will you do? Probably refresh and hope that it loads faster this time? But, if the site remains slow, then chances are, that you might just leave, right? That’s a regular user’s expectation from an e-commerce platform. Cloud Hosting providers usually integrate a caching solution like Varnish Cache and deploy the services of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost your site speed up to 1000x, thus increasing site conversions.


As you can see, e-commerce websites prefer Cloud hosting because their hosting requirements are fulfilled completely. With the online markets getting competitive every year, your e-commerce website needs the best resources it can get to stay ahead of the competition and grow. And, Cloud Hosting can offer one of the best hosting resources to your platform.


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