How To Change The Standard Facebook Background And Color Theme?

How To Change The Standard Facebook Background And Color Theme?

By: marysmith

The default Facebook theme is very primitive and does not shine with originality. Surely, you use it, like millions of other people, not knowing about the alternative. And it is and can be implemented through the extension “Themes for Facebook”. It allows you to modify the color of the buttons and replace the background of the social network with other pictures.

Open the page and install it in your Internet browser.

Check the upper right corner where all your extensions are shown. There should appear an icon with all the colors of the rainbow and a capital letter t in the center. By clicking on it, you activate the menu and see the “Navigate” button. It will redirect you to the catalog, which contains Facebook wallpapers developed by cool design masters.

Want to see how your page will look with a new look? To do this, you do not need to immediately add themes, you can use the preview function. Just move the mouse pointer to any of the custom design options, and then click on the “View” button.

A preview will open that will help you make a choice. If the wallpaper suits you, add them to the extension by clicking on the “Add” button.

The home page of website displays a complete list of themes. Fans of specific areas can go to the “Collection” section and find their category. Agree that it’s much more convenient to look for a new background and Facebook color in certain groups that match your preferences. Having found a suitable category, go to it, select a theme and add to the extension with the Add button!

Open Facebook, go through authorization. Click on the extension icon in the browser. Place the cursor on the added Facebook topics and click on the “Apply” button. This action activates the custom design for your page.

To delete a previously loaded custom design, hover your mouse over the appropriate topic in the extension and click on the “Delete” button. To return to the default design of the social network, click on the “ON / OFF” slider, setting it to the off position.

If you wish, you can replace some custom Facebook wallpapers with others. Just add new ones from the catalog to the extension, launch its menu and activate.

From all of the above, we can conclude that it is quite easy to remove or replace a custom design. And disabling “Themes for Facebook” can even be done with one click. However, we hope that you do not have to do this, because this development is convenient, functional and can be used for free.

On the extension site about fifty categories. Any of them has in stock a lot of thematic social network designs. And they can be downloaded and used by all, without exception.

Someone will like the simple color of Facebook, without frills and variegation. Another will prefer backgrounds on which some modern technologies will be depicted e.g. live wallpapers. It can be a robot, computers, smartphones or something related to the blockchain. Lovers of natural beauty will get a chance to set wallpapers with landscapes or animals. Everyone will be able to choose something in the collection that will resonate in his heart.

Suppose you are in love and you have a loved one. You want to scream about it, revel in your own happiness and luck. For such lucky ones a special category is provided, which is called “Love” and contains Facebook themes dedicated to love topics. Everything is here: hearts in the form of soft toys and valentines, red roses, inscriptions with confessions and much more for lovers. Add any of these design options to the extension, apply and use!

When you install the original Facebook wallpapers instead of the standard ones, remember that all modifications take place locally! This means that only you and the people next to you will see the new background and color of the buttons. And for your virtual friends and other Internet users, everything will remain the same, unchanged.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding the development of this project, you can share them through feedback on the website of project. Or simply leave your review on the extension page in the Google Chrome browser store.


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