LED Downlights Features and Advantages

By: Aiza Gill

A downlight is designed in such a way that it creates illumination downward. Its basic feature includes a bulb that is set in a metal cylinder, recessed into the ceiling or surface mounted. Downlights provide the necessary lightning, according to the need of a house and office, or any other building space in and out. Designs, style and the sizes can vary accordingly. That is, LED downlights are becoming a popular lighting choice, whether at home or in any offices

Should you be able to buy LED lights with superior quality and even better service hours. Here are the relevant features of LED downlights.

  • LED downlight offers countless possible positioning. It allows varieties of retrofits and several types of fittings while fluorescents or incandescent bulbs are limited when it comes to the terms of their applications. The downlights are installed or usually recessed 4”, 5” and 6” in the ceiling to provide you an option to arrange the interior lighting the way you want to style them.
  • Vast Lightning Color Options. LED offers different kinds of colors that allow you to have full control on how the area is to be lit. It is really easy to customize. Colors like grey, white and black finishes are the ones that are commonly available, although there are some colored ones. Some furnished with lovely neon colors which are too bright. This depends upon the need of buyers that’s why they are made available. As well.
  • LED downlight allows you to save energy or electricity. It only uses a small fraction of the energy compared to the fluorescents and bulb. There are approved down lights that can let you save up to approximately 80% in energy consumption. The average life can range from 40,000 to 50,000 hours available in 9, 11 and 13 watt opti. So is important to consider durability and lesser energy consumption.
  • LED is safer compared to traditional lighting. LED lights produce less heat than those fluorescents and bulbs. These can come at colour temperatures of 4,000, 3,000K and 2,700K. So, it will not cause any damage to the fixtures itself and further into the building it was installed.
  • Low Maintenance. As compared to its traditional counterparts, LED downlights and retrofits have a longer life. With these, you will spend less cost for replacement and maintaining the fixtures.
  • Easy Installation. Downlights should be easy and quick to install as all the mounting hardware for retrofit and new installation are often acquired in the kit. With this, it is necessary that you consider purchasing the best brands that are proven already when getting LED Downlights.

The wide selections of durable and efficient LED lights include Martec, Tradetec, Havit, Domus, and Fiorentino. Among the available styles are the Contemporary, Industrial, Modern, Vintage, and Traditional Downlights. Should you buy any of them according to the purpose. Furthermore, there are available outdoor wall lighting, garden lighting, step lights or brick lights, bunker and much more to choose from depending on your lighting needs.

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