How Unstable (Low Quality) Telephony Hurts Businesses

How Unstable (Low Quality) Telephony Hurts Businesses

By: marysmith

While living and working in an increasingly digital environment, the great majority of businesses still require and utilize a phone system to operate the business. Nevertheless, some businesses are still employing outdated phone systems that can’t keep up with contemporary business expectations. That antiquated phone system is harming their company. You can visit here to know about Dubai Virtual Number.

The Consequences of a Low-quality Telephony System!

Almost any business wants to save money on overhead expenditures wherever possible. Still, the quality of your business phone conversations is one area you should not reduce solely to save money. Business telephony issues can result in:

Wasted Due to Inefficient IVR Menus:

Navigating menus on low-quality voice-based systems is a time-consuming and wasteful procedure. Customers must go through a succession of buttons or audio prompts, even if they know what they want. Furthermore, individuals may mishear an option or pick the incorrect option, forcing them to restart from the beginning. Your clients may abandon the process entirely due to an inefficient and poorly designed phone menu.

Communication Inefficiency:

“You’re breaking up!” has to be announced all the time. It’s a waste of time for callers to say things like “I couldn’t hear what you said” or “I couldn’t understand what you said.” Latency and choppiness can result in simultaneous shouting or having to repeat what has previously been stated, which is an exceedingly wasteful use of time for speakers.

Brand Image Issues:

Poor call quality reflects poorly on your company. When clients and partners phone in and have choppy calls, they will identify your company as cutting corners and cheap.

Negative Customer Experience

Calling a business should be a straightforward and inviting procedure. However, according to studies, 79% of customers have experienced poor speech quality while engaging with a firm. When this happens, the first emotion they feel is “anxiety,” and the second is “rage,” neither of which are emotions you want clients or potential clients to associate with their interactions with your company.

Lost Profits Due to Not Returned Missed Calls:

Many businesses receive calls from their clients during non-working hours which are usually not attended. Most of those missed calls are never returned by the sales agents and it definitely has a negative effect on the bottom line of any organization.  You should click here to get more information about Virtual Number UAE.

Why Choose Ringstar?

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