What Should Time And Attendance Do For Your Business?

What Should Time And Attendance Do For Your Business?

By: marysmith

How up-to-date is your business from a technological point of view?  While it’s understandable that your tried-and-true methods that are still working today can be difficult to dispense with, technology has made business better, easier and more profitable with those technological leaps and bounds in the areas of communication, marketing, manufacturing and customer service.  However, it’s sometimes surprising to learn that some of the easiest to implement, most affordable, most time-saving, error-minimising and productivity-enhancing technologies are actually some of the least likely to put in place.  And certainly near the top of that list are the huge advances in the complex, energy-sapping and risk-producing area of time and attendance systems.

In a nutshell, time and attendance is the simple to explain but headache-inducing matter of knowing where and how your employees are at work, so that they can be paid what they deserve and you can effectively manage your workforce.  Once upon a time, the only way was to do it all manually – costing all those banal and expensive administrative hours and still resulting human errors, unintended wage theft and reputational damage.  Semi-automated modern processes – like time-cards, for instance – made things a lot easier, but the latest-generation time and attendance software has changed the game yet again and is now a no-brainer for any organisation on any budget or scale.

What Should Your Time And Attendance Software Do For You?

Go Beyond The Physical Workplace

More and more, and especially so in the next post-covid era, workers are more diversely scattered from a physical, geographical point of view.  In other words, the punch-card era is definitely over, with cloud-based time and attendance systems now needing the flexibility and capacity to accurately and seamlessly time-track across an infinite number of physical locations.

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Empower Multi-Feature Solutions

Clocking technology is the centrepiece of time and attendance, but the modern system needs to do much more.  That means the ability to both collect the data but also analyse it for empowered forecasting and decision-making.  It means the power to either effortlessly integrate or replace your other vital operational systems such as payroll and award interpretation – and much more.

Pack Formidable Analytical Power

As touched upon earlier, in times past time and attendance was more about collecting data for obvious reasons – when did an employee clock in, and when did they clock out – than deeply analysing it for the empowerment of the brand’s decision-making upper management.  Today,  the analytical power churned out by the intelligent algorithms don’t just log the data, it is deeply scrutinised to put workers’ time under the microscope so that a business’ human resources are wielded as wisely as possible.  Customised reports are generated, precise job costing is possible, employees are empowered to self-manage with guaranteed integrity, and all employee data – from contract and award terms to benefits, conditions and training – is centralised.

In our revolutionary 21st century, time and attendance is no longer just about time and attendance.  It’s about how that raw data impacts profits, identifies issues and opportunities, and does it all in a way that managers and employees can easily and even enjoyably handle no matter where they are with seamless integration in real time.  The ideal time and attendance software and systems for your unique business and needs are only ever one chat away with an experienced industry expert like Humanforce, so don’t be shy to get in touch today.

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