Smart Bands

Guide to Buying Smart Bands

By: marysmith

Smart wearable devices have experienced many upsurges. The market is full of all kinds of smart bands and smart watches. There are great price differences between different brands and different functions of smart bands. Their styles have their own characteristics.

For different brands of smart bands, how should consumers choose when purchasing?

First, it is on the selection of brands. The current mainstream band brands are Fitbit, Garmin and HUAWEI HONOR. The characteristics of different brand designs are different. But the differences in basic functions are not large. When purchasing, consumers had better combine their needs with relevant characteristics, performance or appearance. Then decide whether to purchase them.

In terms of function, most intelligent bands include the following functions. They are heart rate data monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, exercise mode, sleep mode, etc. There is little difference between brands. But there are some unique bright spots between them. These product features can attract the attention of consumers.

Judging from the evaluation data of several popular brands, we can obtain the following conclusions.

As a leader in smart bands, Garmin vivosmart4 has powerful functions. It supports blood oxygen pulse monitoring, body pressure index evaluation. There are a variety of different exercise modes to choose from. However, its price is a little high. The cost performance is low. Sleep monitoring has been its short board.

Smart Bands

HUAWEI band 5 has multiple functions and has high cost performance. Its color screen design is edgy. It supports online and offline payment functions and blood oxygen monitoring functions. The biggest feature of it is the high accuracy of sleep monitoring. Many other brands cannot achieve it.

The bands mentioned in this article are some of the more popular options. These are small parts of smart bands. The market for smart wearable devices is becoming saturated. Consumers will compare all aspects of data when selecting. There are countless options. We cannot deny that one should pay attention to one’s own needs. They should know whether the smart band has any fatal defects.

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