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Give Power To Your Dead Battery With The Mi Power Bank

By: marysmith

You own a smartphone from one of the best brands with features like- hi-tech, hi-camera resolution, sleek and top model. Everything is just the way you wanted except for one- battery backup feature. Battery of any electronic gadget, especially smartphone battery plays a crucial role during urgency. And having an unsupportive battery can backstab you at any time, especially when you are busy doing important tasks. That’s a pretty frustrating moment, isn’t it? No longer, if you are smart enough to gift yourself an MI power bank charger. The best part about Xiaomi power banks is that the brand is capable of charging all types of mobile phones, tablets, iPad, iPod and some of them can even charge a laptop. It enables the gadget working smoothly as long as it has enough charge to use it.

Xiaomi is a reputed brand and has stood up as the world’s 4th best technological start-up. People rely on this brand due to its affordability and hi-tech features and it is probably the reason why a MI power bank is the best selling device recorded on paytm app.

Features & Specifications of Xiaomi Power Bank Latest Model

Witnessing its growing demand in the online market, Xiaomi has launched an updated range of advanced power banks- Mi Power bank 2i in 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh. All its models are widely available for purchase at online stores as well as shopping apps like paytm in different colors- black, blue and red.

Mi power bank 2i comes with high-density Lithium polymer batteries     – innovative design, excellent quality, and high output capacity. It has the potential to charge Redmi smartphones Note 4 (4100mAh) three times, Samsung S7/S8 (3000mAh) four times and other mobile brands too. It does the charge while taking 8 hours to charge itself completely. The power bank of Xiaomi also features a Dual USB output so that you can charge two devices simultaneously using its power bank.

Both the 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh MI power bank support 18 W fast charging capability on both USB ports. However, 10,000 mAh Xiaomi power bank model comes with an aluminum casing that is tested stronger and light-weighted, whereas, the 20,000mAh model is made of PC + ABS material that run longer. With Xiaomi power bank you can also charge other electronic gadgets like fitness bands, Bluetooth headsets, etc. All you need to do is double press the power bank button and it will turn into a two-hour low power charging mode.

The company claims that the Mi 20,000mAh power bank 2i can charge up a Redmi Note 7 Pro and Redmi K20 Pro up to three times. Aside its charging capabilities, both 10,000mAh model and 20,000 mAh MI power bank model designed with nine additional layers of world-class circuit chip protection, include:temperature resistance, protection from short-circuit, protection from output over current, reset mechanism, input over-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, protection from incorrect insertion and hardware-level short-circuit protection.

What are you waiting for? Buy the latest power bank model of Xiaomi from a reliable online shopping app and charge your smart devices quickly.

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