5 Simple Tweaks to Supercharge Your Website

By: marysmith

The business world is evolving very fast. These days, most people are using the internet to connect to businesses and make purchases. Therefore, as a company, it is very important that your website is well-optimized to attract and convert new users. In this article, we will look at some of the simplest tweaks that you can use to supercharge your website.

Simplify the website name

One of the most common mistakes that we see is websites that have a very long name. The challenge here is that most people don’t have the time to type a very long name when searching. Also, there is a possibility that these users will misspell the website name. Therefore, we recommend that you simplify the name. Ensure that your website name has less than ten characters.

Change Your Strategy to Local

Another simple strategy you can use is to localize the search process. This is especially if you are targeting a local client list. For example, if you operate a furniture store in San Jose, you should ensure that search results are targeted towards San Jose. Therefore, you can modify the main keywords to furniture San Jose and not best furniture America. The reason for this is that a broad keyword like America is very competitive.

Simplify Your Website

In the past, a website was viewed as being a good one by how complicated it looked. I remember looking at websites with moving visual displays and videos in the background. Today, things have changed and more people are considering websites that are simple. Think of how simple a website like Google appears. As such, if you have not modified your website for a long time, we recommend that you work hard to modify and relaunch it.

Holistic Approach

Another simple way to supercharge your website is to have a holistic approach. This is where a website is not taken as a standalone project. Instead, you should combine the website with social media and video integration. This will help you reach more users and have a better brand. As the leading SoftwareCy company, we have seen many businesses double their traffic and conversion by having this approach.

Secure Your Website

Website security has become a very important thing in business these days. This is simply because of the number and volume of attacks that have been happening. Every year, hackers steal billions of dollars from innocent users. Therefore, Google and other search engines have started to prioritize security in determining the rankings of websites. As such, we recommend that you invest in quality security. You can do several tweaks. For example, you can move from http to https. You can use technology provided by the likes of Cloudflare and other security companies.

Other Tweaks to Drive Traffic

There are other simple tweaks that will help you increase your traffic. For example, you can optimize your website for mobile devices, increase speed of your website, have a call to action that will capture user email address and phone numbers, have a live chat button, and also update your website regularly. While these tweaks will take just a day to implement, you will start seeing improvements within a few months.

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