Enabling WordPress Security

By: Aiza Gill

The WordPress platform has become the ‘go-to’ website development platform for a great many of today websites.

Its popularity is down to the fact that a new website can be developed, using WordPress, for little cost by anyone with even rudimentary IT skills.

The amazing success of WordPress has though led to certain security issues that need to be taken care of to prevent hackers gaining access to underlying data. Many of these potential security aspects apply to any website development platform, but some are particular to WordPress, and importantly sometimes to the particular version of WordPress that you are running. Here we will be taking a quick peek at getting the security basics right for your WP installation.

A look at WordPress Security

The security of any website is of vital importance, both to its owner and users.

In these days of online fraud and hacking, you will be please to know that there is a giant ecosphere of WP security plug-ins that are easily available forthe platform.

Many of them are free, or have a free ‘trial’ version, so that you can try before you buy, so do not lazily just overlook them!

Secure WordPress website hosting can be overlooked too, but this is also an important part of your sites security. Think about carrying out a full website audit of your WordPress website to identify any potential security holes in your installation. In this way you will be able to block many of the exploits that the hackers will look to use.

WordPress Security plug-ins

WP security plug-ins generally provide a range of basic features, which are often similar, and more advanced features that you may have to pay extra for.

Basic security features should include the following:

  • Variable admin login URL
  • Email and/or SMS reporting of potential hacking attempts
  • Functionality to hide your actual WordPress version from hackers
  • Malware protection
  • Basic Firewall functionality

All of the authorised WordPress plug-ins, including security plug-ins,can be found on the genericWordPress plug-ins page.

You will be able to compare all of the different plug-ins features, and see various technical reviews and the plug-ins individual popularity, by going to the WordPress site and searching online.

You will also find like-minded webmasters, web developers and web designers online across the various developer forums, where help is always at hand if needed.

Take your time when choosing the right WP security solution because there is much to consider when securing your website and your users valuable data.

Finally, don’t forget to share your experience and reviews with other forum members so that everyone can benefit together from what you have learnt.

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