Alfresco Development – A Smart Way To Manage Content On Cloud

By: Aiza Gill

Alfresco is an enterprise level content management system that helps you in managing content on the cloud or the premise system. This content management system is based on Java based open source technology which is highly customizable and can easily be integrated with any system or technology.

Why choose Alfresco development?

Alfresco development offers a number of features such as –

  • It is an enterprise level highly flexible content management system.
  • Simple, secure, fast and easy to integrate.
  • It offers effective workflow management and content management service.

What are the types of alfresco development solutions ?

This enterprise level content management system works on various platforms and thereby it has been in a number of types –

Alfresco customization:

It offers an amazing way to customise your business according to your requirements.

Alfresco integration:

Alfresco is such a system that can easily be integrated with any third party software.

Alfresco Migration:

It offers a platform where you can migrate easily from legacy system or other enterprise level content management system to Alfresco.

Alfresco mobile solution:

With Alfresco you can access to any data or information at any time and any place.

Alfresco workflow management:

It offers a complete document lifecycle where workflow implementation can be done easily.

Alfresco activity development:

Business process implementation can easily be integrated with Alfresco activity development.

The content size is increasing throughout the world every now and then and therefore; there is the need of content management system. This system is called a robust and secure system that helps managing an organisation’s data efficiently with easy access and control. There are different types of content management systems available, but Alfresco offers the best platform for enterprise level content management. It offers a huge space to accommodate any size of content, security and affordable cost.

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What are the main products of Alfresco?

Alfresco offers different types of products catering to the various requirements of customers. These are as follows –

Alfresco one-enterprise edition:

Alfresco one enterprise edition is highly scalable and modular.

Alfresco community edition:

It is a licensed program, proved to be suitable for technical enthusiasts and developers.

Alfresco cloud:

It is basically a SaaS version of Alfresco.

Why Alfresco is required for content management system?

Alfresco serves a number of purposes such as –

Document management:

It is one of the main functions of this content management system where you can easily store and track all types of documents and contents.

Website content management:

It offers a simple and easy interface where users with just little knowledge on web programming and mark-up language can manage and create website content.

Electronic record management:

It can easily record and manage content either in tangible format like birth certificate, driver’s license, medical x-ray or in the form of digital information such as data in application database, office document, website content, electronic mail and the like.

Easy integration:

Alfresco can easily be integrated with third party software like liferay alfresco. It is a robust technology portal based on open source. Integrating alfresco with liferay alfresco offers the excellent option to establish robust management portal for flexible document management.

Therefore, a flexible java platform for effective content management implies liferay alfresco. It offers an extensive library for java programming and cloud content management.

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