Review of Facebook Auto Poster: Fb Pilot

By: marysmith

Fb Pilot is the new software in the market in the category of Facebook Auto Poster  As the name indicates, the Fb Pilot is built for Facebook Marketing. But in real practice, Fb Pilot is much more than just a Facebook Marketing software. For instance, the said software not only works on Facebook but also on Instagram and YouTube.

We tested the Fb Pilot for 3 days on trial and it worked flawlessly. We Joined almost 250+ groups, and posted over 300 videos, 900 Texts, 250 Links using this masterfully created software and it worked without a halt. Apart from posting, we downloaded over 3000 Photos from Instagram, 900 photos from different websites and 50 YouTube videos. This software is the best thing we have tried in the said category.

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There are many Facebook Marketing tools in the market. Some are specialized in just scheduling social media posts, like Buffer. Other tools are specialized in joining and posting to groups, but Fb Pilot is a complete package. You can download, Schedule and Join using this software.

Another chief distinction that Fb Pilot has over other tools is that it will not use API. Application programming interface or API is a set of functions and features that allows users to create and manage apps. When a software uses Facebook API, it actually tells Facebook that it’s an automation tool. So, when an API or Application using software posts on multiple Fb groups or Comments in bulk, or join groups in bulk, Facebook knowingly blocks the users from accessing different Facebook features for a said duration of time. This is called Facebook Jail. The best thing about the Fb Pilot is that it auto posts without using API. It has a built in Human Activity Simulator which simulates human actions. It uses a browser based login which limits the chances of Facebook knowing that a software is working in place of human.

Fb Pilot is built for ease of use. Another feature that we liked was the ability of the users to use Proxy. It’s great that while sitting in India, you can tell the Facebook that you are a user from United States. This feature is being widely used by many marketers as this allows them to join groups of the localities they want.

Fb Pilot is a new tool, but its popularity gathered about 500 users for it during the very first week of launch. Obviously, people love using it.

We talked to the administration of Fb Pilot about upgradation of the software, and they were very vigilant to know about what people want. They have promised to add an Auto Commenter, a Facebook Sales Pages Poster, and YouTube Auto Commenter in their next updates. Isn’t it amazing?

We have tried to summarize some of the Chief features of Fb Pilot in a brief way, but you can see all its features of Fb Pilot

Here is the list:

  • Schedule Unlimited Posts on Facebook Pages
  • Support Images, Videos, Links, and Texts
  • Connect Unlimited Profiles
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns at Once
  • Login to Unlimited Fb Accounts at Once
  • Schedule Posts For up to 6 Months Fb Pilot – Facebook Auto Poster
  • Schedule Unlimited Videos On Your Pages
  • Directly Download and Schedule Unlimited Photos from Instagram and any Link on the Web. Yes, Any Link…
  • Post Unlimited Links to Your Pages
  • Plan your Media for Months Fb Pilot – Facebook Auto Poster
  • Join Unlimited Fb Groups by KeyWords
  • Choose Groups with relation to minimum members
  • Post to Unlimited Groups like a Human
  • Post Images, Videos, Links, Texts
  • Login to Unlimited Fb Accounts at once, and Make Separate Group campaigns for each.
  • Save Your Campaign Data for Future Use Fb Pilot – Facebook Auto Poster
  • Download Unlimited YouTube Videos at Once
  • Download YouTube Videos By Keywords
  • Sort Videos by Views, Ratings, Relevance
  • Choose the Video Match Limit
  • Analyze any YouTube Video
  • Analyze any YouTube Channel
  • Directly Post Videos to Pages or Groups Fb Pilot – Facebook Auto Poster
  • Download Images From Instagram
  • Download Images from Any Website
  • Download Images from any Facebook Page Fb Pilot – Facebook Auto Poster

(Source: Fb Pilot)

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