An Excellent SMS Marketing Tool for Your Businesses

An Excellent SMS Marketing Tool for Your Businesses

By: marysmith

VOXOX is an SMS company platform based in the UK, with over 14 years’ experience in helping businesses improve communications and mobile marketing through sending and receiving text messages online.

VOXOX is a business text messaging service that allows you to send notifications, alerts, reminders, and SMS marketing messages to your customers.

Through TextMagic, you can send bulk texts online through their desktop, browser, or mobile applications. They also offer two-way conversations with customers. You can even send and receive texts through your email.

VOXOX also provides API gateways and Zapier integrations on top of a team-sharing function to automate and optimize your SMS strategies. You can also track your leads and overall outreach through their reporting and analytics functions.

For businesses that are looking to leverage SMS applications to elevate their customer support, VOXOX is the perfect solution.

Businesses no doubt get bombarded with similar questions about their hours or whether a certain product is in stock or not. VOXOX creates shared inboxes to answer each customers’ questions in a timely and efficient manner.

Support team members can either send automated messages or type ones of their own to ensure the best response for each service context.

Not to be mistaken purely as a customer service application, VOXOX also allows businesses to engage in SMS marketing campaigns as well. Users can send mass texts and drip-feed content to make sure they’re reaching their customers about the latest campaigns.

VOXOX also integrates with other social media and SMS marketing platforms applications, allowing you to extend your reach to dozens of other platforms, including Line, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Make your teams’ lives easier by integrating VOXOX with other team-related applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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