How Memes Have Made social Media Interactions More Fun

How Memes Have Made social Media Interactions More Fun

The term meme has been around since the 70s when Richard Dawkins first used it in his book The Selfish Gene. The word meme was originally used to refer to traits which were passed on from generation to generation within a family. But it started being applied in this context to stand for a cultural notion that can be passed from one place to another. In the context of today, memes can be defined as an image or a video accompanied by a small amount of text that explains its cultural situations. The text plays an important role in conveying the message but the graphic element, i.e., the image or the video elicits the reaction out of the viewer.

Memes have crossed the distance from being funny to expressing anger, grief, disbelief, shock and the whole gamut of human emotions. This has given rise to websites like Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut where memes are updated and shared regularly. Viewers can scroll through the huge meme library at Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut and share the ones that they like with their loved ones.

How They Became Popular

The wide range of emotions that they capture is one reason for the popularity of memes. Another reason could be that they are universally understandable. If someone is aware of the cultural context of any meme then a message can be conveyed to them through the meme itself as the viewer just takes one glance of it and will be able to decipher the message for themselves. They are easy to understand without the need of some long, drawn out explanation about the issue. The short attention span of human beings can be held by these pictures or videos which are often only a few seconds long. These features of a meme are what fans of the meme culture have hooked to using and sharing them.

They are mostly used for the purpose of entertainment. They provide instant laughters and are easy to share with others who might have the same sense of humor as you. This is why they became so popular on the internet. People started posting them on their own accounts, tagging their friends and even coming up with their own memes to suit their personal life events. Many people have started saving memes in their phone galleries to use when the appropriate time arises.

The best part is that all you need to be a part of the meme culture is a working internet connection and some creativity. This opens up a whole new world of expression and comprehension for you and your loved ones. Websites such as Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut keeps their meme libraries fully stocked and keep updating them constantly so that frequent visitors do not have to be bored of scrolling through the same content over and over again.

To Conclude

Memes are an integral part of pretty much all social media interactions nowadays. So, users are always searching for newer memes that they can share with their friends and get some laughs. This is why Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut and other websites keep adding more and more memes and other funny content on their website regularly. Eager fans download, share and save them as fast as their internet connection will allow them to do so. A meme for every occasion has become the motto of internet users of today’s age and websites like Lustige tiere – lustige Tierbilder | PutPut help them live up to this motto. The meme culture is here and is truly here to stay.

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