5 Cool c All Over The World

5 Cool c All Over The World

The online gaming industry is totally different from the casinos of yesteryear. The Las Vegas heyday of the 1960 and 70s is extremely primitive compared to the casino experience offered on smartphones these days. Gamblers no longer need to hop a flight to Sin City, when every casino game imaginable is now in the palm of their hand.

Technology has completely changed the gaming industry, both online and land-based. A few specific technologies have been key to this total transformation of the gambling experience. Whether you are playing slots at home or on The Strip, 21st Century technology is behind the fun.

Cloud-Based Gambling

Once upon a time, only those that could afford an expensive, gaming computer with lots of RAM and a high-end graphics card could play casino games. Anyone who couldn’t afford a gaming computer had to take a flight to Atlantic City or Vegas. But, since cloud computing became a reality, gamblers can stream high-tech games from any computer or smartphone.

Online casinos can now host games on cloud servers, making it easy for anyone anywhere in the world to play. Online gamblers no longer need to make sure there is space on their computers to run the data-heavy gaming software. The software is embedded in the cloud, and their computer or smartphone is merely an interface.

Moreover, online players can always try the newest games, since there is no software to download or update. Best of all, the cloud server remembers your history, ensuring that you get all of the free spins and bonuses you deserve.

Mobile Casinos

Once cloud computing was firmly in place, the next step in innovation was mobile gaming. Of course, primitive flip phones had to evolve into the super high-tech smartphones we have today. In fact, today’s smartphones often have more computing power than the first laptops.

Online casinos make NJ gambling fun easy for people to access games online from a mobile browser or a dedicated mobile app. Players can even fund their accounts from online sources, such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, or even Bitcoin.

This makes it easy for gamblers to play nearly any casino game, anywhere, such as commuting on the bus or train. Today, there are thousands of online casinos, in many languages, based all over the globe.

Blockchain Technology

When most people think of blockchain technology, they think of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It’s hard to explain, decentralized technology that’s changing the world in ways that are also hard to explain. While blockchain got its start with Bitcoin, the technology has since spread to banking, public records, the supply chain, and much more.

The online gambling industry has embraced blockchain technology via cryptocurrencies. This is especially true of unregulated, offshore casinos and sportsbooks; players from jurisdictions that do not allow gambling often want to keep their activity “off the books”. Cryptocurrencies allow for discrete, untraceable transactions. Both regulated and offshore casinos often accept deposits and issue withdrawals in Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Casino website developers are also incorporating blockchain to fortify their site’s online security. Finally, it’s only a matter of time before the games are built with blockchain technology.


The world of online casinos is highly competitive, and each must come up with ways to obtain new users and keep existing players. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. AI technology and machine learning can analyze player patterns and offer games and promotions tailored to the individual player. For example, if a player tends to play 5-reel progressive slot games featuring animal themes, AI can offer more games like that.

Machine learning and AI technology can also figure out the type of promotions that will appeal to each, individual player. AI can also be programmed to make it hard for players to abuse bonuses or cheat.

Artificial Intelligence can also analyze overall consumer trends in the online gambling world and replicate those.

Live Dealer Games

The latest trend seems to have gone full circle, back to a hands-on, in-person, real-life casino experience. The fact is, people, enjoy interacting with other people. After a while, only interacting with a machine is unsatisfying.

Live dealer games are staged, often in a land-based casino, with real, human dealers, then streamed live online. Players can interact with the dealer and other players through live chat. Add a virtual reality headset, and the experience is stunningly real.

The technology allows players to experience the next best thing to a real-life casino floor. However, VR technology is not yet compatible with smartphones, you’ll need a quality home computer for that.

These are just the latest advances in casino technology. There is surely more to come, as technology continues to evolve.

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